Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sweet like Candy

So last night after soccer practice we went to get pizza.
it was Jack's PTA fundraiser night at the pizza place,
the place was packed with teachers and families of students.
We sat down,
and Colten's teacher from last year came over to talk....
when she left,
Cole noticed Jack's teacher from last year was behind us paying,
"OH, there's Mrs. H__ Mom"
as I start to turn around.
Jack announces...loudly.
"Don't turn around Mom, I HATE HER!"

oh yeah,
it was great.

the end.


gabbyfek said...

oooh crap
this post should come with a warning label about not drinking
beverages while reading it.
love you, jack.

sarah said...

ditto what gabby said about the beverage warning! LOL!

Jack makes me laugh!