Wednesday, July 30, 2008


why children should not have cell phones
part. 1
average conversation with colten who is outside playing:
"hello colten"
"yes colten"
"yes colten"
"COLTEN what?"
"Oh, ...can I get wet?"
"Well, if you come home and get your suit on"
"do you know how to use that phone? i said if you COME HOME and get your SUIT on"
"Colten" (in that don't question me mommy voice)
"well, ....i might already be wet"
"then why did you call to ask?"
"i don't know?!?"
"BYE Cole"

been scrapbooking my days away...
this is quite obvious when you look at my poor house,
or when jared says to me, "not to be rude, but you REALLY need to do my laundry"
ok, laundry done.
i've decided my brain works a lot like the mouse's brain in the book
"if you give a mouse a cookie"
yes, sadly i did just compare my brain to that of a mouse.
i tend to jump that quickly from one thing to the next...

(and if you read my blog, well, you know this already)

so one of the prompts from the class i'm taking involved paint,
which is good....
i love paint.
so while the paint was out,
i decided to paint the cd cover for the circle journal essie did for her 40th.
painted a hot crazy mess i did....
then realized I didn't measure the little slot the cd was to go in.
it didn't fit.
typical of me.
so i re-did the paint/cd cover...
it's a mess, but i love it
and it goes nicely with the maddness my playlist is.
poor esther's friends,
i was the first to receive the traveling cd case.
i'm sure i've concerned many of them with my taste in music,
but oh well.
it was fun.
i loved it.
and i love my beautiful friend esther.

speaking of circle journals...
i have been in 3.
and i have never gotten any of them back.
which is very sad for me.
if you have mine, email me, and i'll catch you up on my newest address,
because it's an ever changing I know.
I'd just love it, even undone.
because i'm equally as bad about the sending home of cjs.
i have yours.
it's moved a lot now, and it needs to go home to you.
please email me your address,
because all these moves later i have lost my mailing sheet.
my eager beaver's mailing sheet.
heehee...i did so love our name.

and because my mouse brain doesn't want to forget these conversations,
i'm including them, for me.
when i go to do errands i like to take one of the little ones with me,
because it's nice to have one on one time with them.
yesterday was Jack.

it's hot out.
"I want to move back to Ohio"
"Compared to this place, Ohio is like heaven...2 times"

Jackman where are you??? are you coming?
"Sorry....I was just off in my own little fantasy world" (my favorite quote of the day)

In the car, out of nowhere.
"I miss the guy at RolyPoly."
"Remember him?"
"He always gave us free cookies"
"Do you remember what I got there?"
(yes, baked potato soup, or a chicken and cheese melt roll-up)
"We went like every day!"
(slight exaggeration Jack)

Grandma and Boppa are sending you a present to open after you get your tonsils out...
that's exciting, huh?
"OH! maybe pudding pops?!?"
Umm...probably not.

I really love that when it's just them, they tell you stories and talk and talk.

we divided up the months that aren't birthday months in our house,
and aren't december ...
luckily that left 6months, and three boys.
they each drew two of the remaining months from a "hat"
and those became their date months.
they get to pick what they want to do,
and go out with just mom and dad.
it's a pretty big deal around here.

if you don't do "date-night" with your kids...
(and with your spouse)
I highly recommend it.


Mara said...

Date nights with the kids. I like it. Are you going to write these things down and remind me of them when I have kids? Someday I want you to teach me how to be such a great mom. Xo.

Missy said...

I do love this post.
Date nights are a great idea.
I'd love for you to be back in Ohio - but Columbus ;)

Watching the x-games and thinking of you and your sisser tonight.... xoxoxox m

Vincenza said...

You hit the nail on the head with the cell phones. I thought it was just my boys. My 16 year old does it, my 11 year old does it and now that I think about it, so does my 61 year old husband. We too do the date thing. It is always so fun to see how they act when they are not with their siblings. Thanks for making me laugh.
Have a groovy weekend.
Love and God bless,

Christy said...

Loved this post. Date night with the kids is a GREAT idea!!! You are brilliant my friend... and you inspire me! I love your blog -- you always make me laugh! Have a fabulous weekend! ;)

essie said...

oh my heavens,
I miss Y.O.U.
sinkin much.



gabbyfek said...

and agree with the essie.
love yous.