Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I spy with my little eye a stupid TV hole...

so the eyeball gummies were fun too....less exciting, but what we've been up to.
this weekend we switched the little boys room around ...
because moving every year isn't enough fun.....not so much because of the purple-ness of the first room, but because of this 100 ton piece of annoyance....it doesn't look like it weighs a lot, but oooooh does it ever.
anyway, for me, i have found that it helps to live in a house for awhile before i get a good feel for where things should be.
(part of the reason nothing is hung up yet)
and with this house i didn't even have that window of "set-the-house-up-in-your-head-before-you-close"...
because i saw the house for the first time the day we moved in.
my husband picked it out, because the boys and i were still living in ohio.
he did a really good job, with just a few exceptions.
one being the stupid tv hole.
you know the one over the fireplace...
the one i've never fully understood, nor enjoyed the look of...
that tv hole.
well, we have one. hate it. and to make it even better..our current tv doesn't fit in the tv hole.
go figure.
until we get a new tv, we have an empty stupid freaking tv hole in the living room.
(i'm trying not to let this annoy me)
we had the tv in the green room above,
but then i decided it would be better in the purple room,
and so we switched it up.
and now, the boys room seems bigger, even though the room is smaller.
will wonders never cease.
and we found a new use for the tv hole in the process.
my husband is funny.


gabbyfek said...

we loves it.

sarah said...

those eyeballs are fantastic!
and that pic of it in jack's mouth?!
LOVE that!

Jason Ebeling said...

You guys crack me up. I like the tv hole. Nice touch of class

Mara said...

you make me giggle.
i've missed this.