Thursday, July 17, 2008

The one in which I ever so slightly VENT about my teenager....

Babyhood was so physically exhausting, always being "on" while also being completely sleep deprived. Having little whirling dervishes, not at all concerned about personal safety.
I remember it well.
My best friend from high school and I often talk about how physically challenging babies are, but how emotionally challenging "big" kids are.

As of yesterday I have in fact decided I'd like to be sleep deprived instead of having to deal with "girlfriends".

The only reason I'm even remotely allowing Jared-who-has-momentarily-lost-his-ever-loving-mind to refer to this girl as his "girlfriend" is
1. I don't want him to not tell me when he has a real girlfriend (when he's 18),
2. he CAN'T DRIVE.
3. she lives a town over.
4. he has known her for FOUR days.

Boys apparently lose ALL sense when it comes to girls, I knew this, but I've never had to deal with it in regards to my CHILD.
I kinda want to smack him upside the head and yell "HELLLLLOOOOOOOOOO?!?!".
but I'm not sure that would be mature, or helpful at this point.

SO, instead I will just mention several times that you can't know someone after four days.
That actually dating someone is out of the question (in this family) when you're in 8th grade.
And I'll remind him several more times that his mom, dad, 2 aunts AND 2 uncles are all on facebook with him.

and I will also continue to call him Romeo, and Rico Suave,
in the hope that he comes to his senses.
Before I lose mine.
Don't you wish I were your mother?
No more vacation bible school for THAT one.
Oh dear.
Definitely on restriction.


Jason Ebeling said...

So you're telling me this is what I have to look forward to? You seem to be handling it so well. I'll be sure to hit you up for advice when we reach that point....which I hope like you will be delayed for a long, long time. Rico it.

Ashley Wren said...
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Ashley Wren said...

and yes.
i really did post my number all out in the open like that.

Missy said...
8th grade?!?!?!
I do not want to hear this.
I can only imagine how you feel!! and I would totally call connor rico suave in an effort to make him come to his senses :)

Mara said...

4 days, eh?
when's the engagement? :)

erika said...

ash! I am calling you now, but i'm deleting the comment w/ your number because i don't think you want a bunch of loons calling you.
i'm loon enough. xxx calling now.

gabbyfek said...

love my rico suave nephew
and you
oh so much

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I've never commented before, but this made me laugh out loud as the mom of 4, one of which is going into 8th grade. I'm so totally going to bust out "Rico Suave" on him! Of course, not being a child of the 80's, he probably won't get it, but won't his dad and I laugh :) Thanks for the laugh today!