Thursday, July 10, 2008

All Fall Down

it should be noted that no tears were shed over the horrifically bad haircuts....
we have laughed a lot,
and made a few jokes.
i'm lucky my kid has a sense of humor.
and the haircut chick is lucky i have one.

jared is a bit ticked off, not that i blame him....
it really is amazing that i can take him to a salon that was recommended,
with a photo of himself with the haircut he wanted,
(this photo) and have it end up completely different...
i'm going to start cutting his hair.
really, this is the third time he's gotten the same bad haircut.
i mean, i cut the middle's hair all the time.
(grant it, not a difficult cut)but i manage to not screw it up....
i don't say, "oooh, you wanted a mohawk, yeah, i kind of gave you a buzz cut, sorry about that"

had i known that all it would take to get lurkers to come out and say hi,
was to post my kids with bad hair..
i'd have done that a long time ago.
in fact,
if it will make you comment again,
i can post a photo of jack with his new bad haircut.
it was in fact a duel-bad-haircut-experience,
and both jared and jack now have some growing out to do.

I actually don't even need to post a photo of jack.
just use this as an example.....
he however does not have a blue hat.

"BANGS?!? I have bangs now?!?! I hate bangs!"- Jack

i do have to say that once jared got over being mortified that i posted a photo of him
with the bad hair on the blog,
he was sort of tickled that a college soccer star commented, and said nice things about him...
so thanks for that stephanie.

thank you ALL for your sweet comments.

ok, enough about hair, it's so boring.

how about dominoes,
theres an exciting topic....

jack was lining up the dominoes the other day,
to knock over...
and they looked pretty,
so i took photos.

that is not really the whole story....
when i was done taking photos,
and watching them fall down,
i asked jack if he wanted to play dominoes with me.

"What??? Play dominoes? What do you mean?"
"You know, play the game dominoes"
"There is a GAME dominoes?!?"

i then realized he had no idea that dominoes was a game.
just a cool toy to line up in different patterns and knock down.
yeah, we had a lesson in domino 101.
all better.

umm, lora you should TOTALLY start a blog. i just wrote an entire post about hair and dominoes, i'm pretty sure you can beat THAT.


Missy said...

I like the entire post about hair and dominoes!!
and I'm surprised your boys have a good sense of humor :)

About Me. said...

I love that you let you boys have the hair they want. I cannot tell you how many people make rude comments regarding my boys hair. They even do it in person. It is so funny to me that some people don't feel that boys should have long hair but it is ok for girls to have short hair. By the way, I do love your blog.

Vicky said...

a lurker from New Zealand here. I love your blog...maybe because i have boys too....I took my 3 year old to get a haircut because he wanted one and she pretty much did the opposite of what we asked for, i cant stand the 'standard boys cuts'...needless to say its back to mama doing it in the loungeroom and he looks WAAAY cuter.

essie said...

hello my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we're back from whoa hot florida, and posting will resume~
we're having hair stress here'll see why when I get the snaps up!

kisses, kisses, kisses to the treehouse!

About Me. said...

Erika, do you mind if I put a link to your blog on my blog?

cheryl said...

LOL! The link to the little Dutch boy made me LOL! Poor guy. I hope he really doesn't look like that - and if he does, look on the bright side - you have Halloween covered! ;-)