Monday, July 07, 2008

I'm just sayin'

This dessert is really good.
like lick the bowl good.
I wanted something "light" for the in not a cake, not baked, not too heavy...
and thought that the yogurt cream might just be perfect,
but i wasn't sure it would be well received by the boy creatures living here...
so i had x-tra cream as a backup, to make whipped cream,
but the boys LOVED it.
i recommend it.
i did strawberries and blueberries because i wanted red-white-and-blue,
because i'm a dork like that.
no photos
because all berries and cream were eaten in record time.
oh, and i only used 1/2c. of the brown sugar....thus making it "light", right?!? ;)
yeah, i think so.
my dryer is broken.
which SUCKS when you are a family of five that likes to wear underwear....
so i'm off to hang up more laundry to dry until the repairman arrives.

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