Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Document 2.

Ok, so it's only one boy,
and the tongue is blue from popsicle and not kool-aid,
but he's sweaty.
(because it's 9,000 degrees here)
and cute.
(because he's the jackman)
so i'm counting it.

question. (as said like dwight)
am i the only one that watches jon and kate plus eight,
and wants MORE kids?
like 5 more...
is it not suppose to work the other way... ?!?
kind of like birth control on tv?
yeah, not so much for me.
i watch cheaper by the dozen,
and decide i actually want 12 kids.
or maybe 6....
i think perhaps colin is going to ban such shows/movies from our house.


sarah said...

jacks tongue is the perfect shade of blue! AWESOME!

and I love jon & kate plus 8...
the kids are so cute!
I'm especially fond of hannah, alexis & leah. ;)

Jason Ebeling said...

Who wouldn't want more kids when the one's you have are so much fun? I know exactly how you feel and am trying to talk Lora into considering adopting a couple more.