Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rewind and Review

So I've been a little preoccupied with Ashley's class (so fabulous), but I wanted to post about our weekend, which was such fun.

Warning: this is a ridiculously loooong post containing nothing really worthwhile to anyone but me.

We decided to surprise the boys and headed to Memphis Friday afternoon...
For a Redbirds game.
It was tons of fun and no one seemed to mind the HEAT (except maybe me)...

It was mini-bat day at the game, making me wonder if the folks in charge of that fun giveaway have children. Mini wooden bats...five of them...no photos of the bat action. Or the bats lined up against the wall after i'd had quite enough of the bats...

jared's face here cracks me up, and coley is giving someone guns....
this one looks like someone photoshopped the redbird in there.... he was riding an ATV and giving everyone five. Colin got us front row seats, which made the boys giddy....coley won the contest for best looks for the camera....jack won most cotton candy eaten....
and why are funnel cakes so good.....?!? jared could have had 20. I managed to have one too, between the mass amounts of liquid i was guzzling....(did i mention it was hot?)
There were fireworks after the game and during the walk back the boys thanked us a dozen times, lots of "that was awesome" "those fireworks were the best" "thank you soo soo much" and even several "i really like funnel cakes" were heard. Makes us happy that the boys appreciate our small efforts at family fun.

We stayed overnight...one plus of having my husband travel, and us move every year is we have accumulated a ton of hotel points, so that was about the only thing affordable about said trip....free is good.swimming is better.
and then we went to check out the Memphis zoo...because the heat index was only 110, and for some reason i was the only one that voted for Elvis's house.....
yes, i really did complain about the HEAT frequently. holy hot weather batman...

"HEY MOM! Come look at this....THIS is interesting. What are they doing?!?"

hmmmm...Interesting is right.
Jared knew what they were doing.
and Colin was mortified that I took photos. What?!? It was funny.....and I personally had never seen ostriches do that....
one other funny story I want to remember:
Colten had apparently never in his entire nine years of existence seen a child "wearing"
a leash. So we're in line at the ballpark getting food, when Colten, who is visibly shocked says "MOM did you SEE THAT? They are treating that kid like a DOG! That is just not right!"... so I explain that some parents use a leash to keep track of their kids... fully expecting that to be the end of that.

The next morning at the hotel. Kid on a leash.

At the zoo.
3 kids on leashes.

By the fourth kid I was hoping coley just wouldn't notice. Of course he did and would just utter in a sort of growl.... "LEASH!!!" and make both Colin and I burst into hysterics.
Poor Coley. He dubbed the kids leashkins, and I know he actually really felt very sorry for them, and no amount of explanation would make it better.

I did tell him I saw a nice backpack/leash combo on one child that I thought he might like to consider for back-to-school....
NOT funny mom.

other happenings today.
i have somehow managed to get stung by a mosquito right between my eyebrows, the boys are just ecstatic about this. cuz it's just "SO funny".
Please Lord tell me that the mosquito stung me while i was sleeping and that I'm really not that oblivious.
sadly lately I think I might be....oblivious that is.

Jared and his "girlfriend" broke up. So sad.
No tears were shed, and he's just thrilled to be able to say he "had a girlfriend".
I'm thrilled that the MASS texting has ceased.
Colin at one point said that if the Spartans had as many men as Jared had text messages in one day they'd have won.
yeah they would have.

of course as we were basking in the breakup....
realizing that God was just giving us a little warm up to what the future holds....
chuckling about the whole "girlfriend" situation.

Colten proudly announces over dinner last night that Skyler (our neighbor girl) is his girlfriend.
All I could think was thank God he doesn't have texting.


gabbyfek said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh sisser
you make me laugh the most
i love this post
and the pics
tee hee hee

About Me. said...

I have missed your posting. Sounds like you had a great trip! The ostrich thing was too funny. When we (my two boys, daughter, and I) were driving to Mount Rushmore on our move to SC, my daughter (8) said "Mom, look at those cows! One is giving the other a piggy back ride!" Tell your son that I totally agree with him regarding the leashkins. Leashes are for dogs, not children.
Have a groovy week!

Mara said...

i love this post.
it's very e, which i of course love.
and the boys make me giggle.
and i bet you look wicked cute with your mosquito brow :)

Missy said...

I know you said no one would care about this post -but my goodness, it makes me smile. I love that your boylies are appreciative - and that Colten finds kid leashes horrifying ;)

and stop with the girlfriend talk.
you're freaking me out over here. ;)

Stephanie said...

"Leashkins", BRILLIANT, I am so using that from now on!

What a great trip, the boys are so lucky to have you document their adventures (in such a cool and unboring way) this will provide for many MORE laughs in the future.

Jason Ebeling said...

Thanks for the update. Sometimes instead of "thanks Mom and Dad" and "that was great" we get "why couldn't we do _______________ instead" Glad your boys got it right for you this time. Where's the picture of mosquito brow though?

sarah said...

great post! :)
made me giggle a lot. a LOT!

the ostrich...
the leashkins...
the mosquito brow...

and your appreciative boys.
how great are your kids?! :)


Meghan said...

I can't believe this girlfriend business!!!
I liked the post, E!

Christy said...

Dude. You = hilarious. Great post my friend... so glad you're having a fun summer.