Wednesday, November 30, 2005


to my SISTER....for making it on the Scrapologie design cool is THAT?
I would have posted it yesterday but alas, she told me after i updated the bloggage...stinker ;)
Also Congrats to Meg and everyone else that was chosen....VERY COOL! xe


Erin said...

i'm tellin' ya, talent runs in the family!!!!!!!!!!! you and gabby are freaking amazing chickees! -that's why i'm your pretend sister, so it'll rub off! lol... does jack really say he wants a mullet!!?? bad uncle mike, BAD! it is pretty funny though. you should totally give him a crazy mullet for a day before you cut it all off! and take tons of pic! lol... love you miss e!!! i've missed you like crazy!

Ashley said...

congrats gabby...
she is one deserving person.
now she MUST scrap.
maxxy is going to LOATHE her for all the snapping she will be doing.

Mara said...

Ya, go Gabby go go go!! I told her how proud I was already, but I will do it again... she rocks. As do you, miss E Thang.

Missy said...

Hooray gabby!
love that talented sis of yours... and you!