Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The high school art class nearby totally inspired me this weekend.
I was blown away by their needlepoint planets....VERY cool.
They combined fabrics and colors...they were ridiculously cool.
I never did needlepoint in high school....or ever for that matter.
Completely inspired me to want to do something....ideas have been flying around my mind.
I want this for Christmas.
I want to learn to sew.
I want to make the boys something like this, or this, this or even this.
Some sort of collage...something textural, and funky.
I want to learn to oil paint.
I'm not sure what exactly I want to do...but i'm toying with ideas...
and lately for me, that's HUGE.
I also want to do something collabortive with the boys....ideasideasideas....

I've also decided to make Christmas cards this year....coughcough...I figure if I say it outloud it will make me somewhat accountable.
I sometimes end up with "Sorry this is a little past the New Year and almost just in time for Easter"cards...but damn it, it's the thought!

Jack had a dentist appointment this morning.
I went to pick him up from school just as they were starting to have a practice lock down.
Police and all.
Errr....NOT a good idea to be the stranger in the hall during a lock down.
Nono, it's not.
I HATE that lock downs are a reality for kids today.
I HATE that I have to explain to my son when he asks,
"...But WHY would someone come to my school and shoot kids?"
Now why would they, really?

when shooting photos of children, an important tip...
don't just look at their charming little faces...
because sometimes you'll discover they were making rude gestures at you without your knowledge.
(ok, I really have no idea what jack is doing, but it sure looks rude, eh?!?)

And check out Jared's new bike (the new bike that is stored INSIDE)


sarah said...

I think you should move to oregon and I could teach you needlepoint and we could take painting & sewing classes together.

that IS sad that kids have to have practice lockdowns...remember the good old days when we just had fire drills?

gabbyfek said...

fixed it
miss you oodles and loads
love you
and your big pulsating brain full of creative ideas that i know you will rock out.

RACHEL =) said...

Very cool needlepoint site! I love stuff like that too, if only I could DO it! {Merry Christmas EARLY, my dear ;)}

And that really is sad about the lockdowns - this day and age is so scary for kids!!!

Hope everything else is well, hugs!!!!!

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