Friday, November 10, 2006

Poptart nightmares husband is back from Chicago.
How in the world do single moms do it?!? I mean I'm fine with the boys....I can do it all, except I canNOT be two places at once. And that was my dilemma last night. Gabby got to hear about it live and in stereo. Colten had his big end of season tournament game (soccer), and Jack had his last football game and was getting a trophy. At the SAME time. Thankfully I have a 12 year old, who, when he needs to be, is quite we worked it out...but really, I have the upmost respect for moms who juggle this daily.

I have a new best friend, I met her at was a brief moment, but I know we'll be friends forever....
Ok, not really, but when she said "Are these kids all yours? because you look all of 15"...
Yes, my heart fluttered....and she became my new favorite person ever.

Of course, this morning, when the boys have no school, and sleeping in was so in the cards for me...
Jack wakes up crying.....
So, I fly out of into his room, and say what's wrong?!?!?
He's half asleep...
through tears.....
"Mommy, mommmy......
Can you get me some poptarts for my snack at school?
Maybe chocolate?!"
Ok, whatever kid brought a poptart in for snack yesterday, causing my child to have some sort of inferior snack nightmare....
Well, I'm not ok with that.

I will be at a soccer tournament ALL weekend.
And all next weekend.
And the next.
November is apparently the best time for soccer tourneys.
This one and the next are for Jared (who is number one in his division...Go J!)
and the last is for Colten....
(I will clearly be taking pictures of Jace...because I have no recent ones...geez...badmomma....)

As far as what is on the job front...aka where are we moving...we don't know yet.
But Colin did suggest we live in a hotel for 2 months....I am totally there on the reasoning and get why it's a clever idea....but i had to laugh....
what the heck am I going to do in a new town in a hotel...
for 2 months?!?!?!

Happy Weekend.

***GO BRIT!***


amberskolnick said...

you are the awesome-est
love the peeks into your world
and your boys are just the cutest
love the mom that is not ok with inferior snacks

Ashley said...

inferior snack issues...that is such a NEW dilemma.
love the shout out to brit.
love your posts.
need to talk on the phone with you.
hoping you are well.
love you to bits.


gabbyfek said...

you crack me up
and i love you the mostest
still laughing about that.

Cheryl said...

15? I would love her forever too! LOL. poptarts are nonfood.

We lived in a hotel when we moved to Vegas for a few weeks. It was fun for...4 days. And that was it. We should have stayed an an extended stay hotel - much more comfy.

Well... if it was the Ritz that would be a different story...;)

Darcy said...

Oh goodness.. how I LOVE an E post!!! GIgles galore. =)

tpraja said...
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