Thursday, November 12, 2009

completely random discussion on food

I thought it was funny that someone on facebook commented on a halloween photo of the boys sorting their candy...
something along the lines of "how long will it take them to finish that?"

the assumption = the candy would be gone almost immediately...
the reality = I will throw it away around Easter,
to make room in the pantry for the Easter candy.

This was my trashcan last week,
as I made room for the Halloween's not that they don't love candy...
they do.
I guess they get bored of it? and move on...crazy boys.

I on the other hand,
have determined that I must go back on my "diet"...
just because
I do.
and my month of cheat has proved it...
sooooo as much as I wanted to dive in after those stale peeps....I refrained.

have I mentioned I hate salad?
I do.I have however determined that if I plan said lunch salad,
so it's not the same stupid salad everyday...
it's better.
like the above veggie salad with hummus was yesterday.
(which my kids would tell you looks like "cat-puke"...they're charming...have I mentioned that?)
today is a dill chicken salad...
chicken salad with brie.
definitely more doable.
and clearly, not low-fat...
just GF.

have I also mentioned I hate cooking?
I do.
making meal planning/cooking my least favorite chore.
below folding laundry,
which is down there.
I love to eat.

Colten told Jack the other day that
"You eat mostly healthy stuff during the day so that you can eat dessert at night"
which I think really is the truth.
He's a smart boy.

Jack however doesn't like "healthy stuff"...
fruit and veggies are not his friends.

He is home sick today
(probably from not eating his veggies)

"Were you calling me?"
"Yes. Can I have a banana?"
"Of course"
"I just saw one on tv...and it looked soooo I want one"

so like his mom that one.
behold the power of suggestion...

I think if they advertise broccoli on tv all day today
we might make some progress...
I definitely do.


tara pp said...

that's funny, my girls didn't get that much candy, but it's seriously ALL GONE! well SAvannah's is, she gave most of it to AVa because she won't eat anything that has nuts or was processed in a nut factory! no, she is not allergic, she's just a NUT>! LOL!
I have gone off the diet wagon this week awful!!!!! that salad looks YUMMY though! My girls aren't too fond of veggies but Savannah loves when I roast veggies in the oven! just chop them all up (carrots, broccoli, celery, onion, garlic, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, zucchini, red pepper, etc) and toss them with some olive oil, s&p and any other spices you like (i use paul purrdhome *spelling is wrong* spices)....then roast for about 45 minutes on 350. I sometimes stick the veggies around whatever meat I am cooking YUMMY! my kids gobble most of them up!
good for you this week! I will be back to motivating us next week!

essie said...

good for you!
i've decided that my problem MUST be insulin resistance! :o)

i'll let ya know how that works for me!
i miss you and your easter bags of candy...xoxoxoxox