Sunday, November 01, 2009


I really like making the boys halloween costumes...
however this year they picked what they wanted out of a catalog,
which was just fine too...
jack was kung-fu fighting...

and if you remember jack's aversion to head-wear, this lovely hood/mask/headband combo lasted all of ten that boy's eyes.

and the joker was wild.
colten really just wanted his face painted.
wish granted.and like years past, he was still sporting some eyeliner today... this year they were just on a mission.
my friend jill and I just tried to keep up with the four boys...
or merely keep track of them by glow-necklace.
(they are old, and fast)
it was like blue, red, orange, green. they're all there. whew.the aftermath...quite the haul.
always some serious trading takes place.

and just in case we didn't have enough sweet husband managed to come home from the store with some more.
love him. I do.


sarah said...

the boys looked amazing! coltens makeup was SO great! GOOD JOB!

looks like it was a fun halloween...i'll trade ya a full size twix for the kitkat and the vanilla tootsie rolls.


tara pollard pakosta said...

awwwww they look awesome!!!
jared too old to go!?
I saw some adults dressed up trick or treating! LOL!
love the candy trading. my girls don't do that, but savannah does give all her stuff with nuts to ava (she has a phobia of nuts & peanut butter)....what are we going to do now for november? maybe do a journal entry per day? I need a project to keep blogging!think of something. a scrapbook page per day????????? it would get us scrapping!

gabbyfek said...

love the costumes
love that oley's always loved the face paint.