Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Last Weekend

was super nice.
The weather was amazing.
the park was gorgeous...
and the boys played great.

Jared plays a year up.
So he is on a U-16 team.
He's still the tallest on the team.
They played a team a year younger, and I bet this poor kid about peed himself when he saw he had to guard J.
Colten scored three out of four of his team's goals.Jack's team just started playing together this fall, and they had yet to win a game.
They lost their first two games, but won their third.
They WON!
As far as we were concerned that was like winning the tourney.Jared and Colten both went to the finals, and won.and...I ate at PF Changs.
and...Our hotel was across from a Starbucks.
I told you...
a super SUPER weekend.


tara pp said...

STarbucks, Pf Changs, photos of the best boys EVER = perfect weekend! plus winning and gorgeous scenery and NOT having to cook! can't get any better than that! Way to go Colten scoring all those goals! and jack man, for winning! awesomeness!

Shaun said...

great photos! Congrats boys~

essie said...

sounds like a winner to me!!!

gabbyfek said...

uh, yum.
and congrats.
and we miss you.