Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Please come eat this candy...

Ok...confession time.
We didn't actually get around to carving pumpkins this year.
(I know...gasp!)

Which for two out of three boys is not a problem...
for the Jack one...
it's completely unacceptable...
we will be carving pumpkins.
(oh yes we will)
even if it means our jack-o-lanterns will be sitting under our Christmas tree this year.

Much like the one time we didn't get around to dying Easter eggs...
so we did them that summer.
am I really the only mom that sometimes doesn't get to these things?!?
really awesome. Mom-of-the-year stuff happening here...

I've looked at WalMart...
and at Kroger...
and of course there isn't a pumpkin to be found.
(could some store please cut me a tiny bit of slack?)

So this morning on the way to school Jack reminded me (again)
that we still have to carve pumpkins...
(like I'd forgotten this fact)
I proceed to tell him that I have been looking,
and can't find any pumpkins right now,
but maybe we'll drive by a farm stand on the way to Little Rock this weekend.
if not...
I explained that people sometimes make real pumpkin pie,
so surely the stores will have pumpkins again soon in time for Thanksgiving.

Jared "Wait. People use pumpkins for that?"
Me (thinking he just didn't understand how you'd use a whole pumpkin)
"yes they cook the pumpkin and then scoop out the flesh and throw it in a food processor or something. I don't really know...I use it out of a can"
"I never knew that was what was in the can"
"Wait...you never realized there was pumpkin in the can of pumpkin pie filling?"
"I didn't know"
"What did you think pumpkin pie was made from?"
"Well...I didn't know. I just thought it was a pie that tasted really really good."

he just thought it was pie.
pie made of some unknown source
that tastes

that's my son.
please note this is the same son
that got a 100 on his report card in AP Algebra 2 this semester.
(yes...the class that comes after Geometry)
a 100.
not just an A.
a 100.
but pumpkin pie...
that is one of the great mysteries of the world...

I love that kid.


pakosta said...

NO! you are NOT the only mom that doesn't get around to the pumpkins! we have only ever carved them 2x!!! we mostly just painted them when the girls were younger or set them on the porch!
We have also skipped easter egg coloring at least once, maybe 2x! no worries!!!
and jared, that's hilarious! He probably just never thought about it before!!!! that's gREAT!

sarah said...

hmmm. i could mail you a pumpkin. but i'm thinking that would be one expensive jack-o-lantern.

God bless Jared...but yes. pumpkin pie IS really, really good pie.

and as far as the candy? pass me the peanut butter cups ;)

gabbyfek said...

omg. i love him so much.
he is so smart. and yet... so hilarious. perfect combination.

also, we have 2 uncarved ones.
shall we bring them at turkey day??? ;)

Shaun said...

Too funny! Great job on the Math grade. He must get his brains from his mom. Now, regarding all of your candy; if you will eat ours, I will eat yours. Vinny is the only one who actually went door to door and she has enough to last a year. She is saving it, not sharing it. I know where she hides it so it is such a temptation! Good luck finding a pumpkin.

Missy said...

ok. you seriously had me laughing OUT LOUD. I love that kid, too... and I don't even know him!!

gabbyfek said...

we were on our walk last night and i was telling mike this story
the lady near us who just moved
left her 3 uncarved pumpkins behind
and mike and i thought we should steal them (well, take. would it really be stealing? she left them behind! sheesh!) and bring them to you and turkey day.
what say you?

NeverEnoughTime said...

there are so many things that I say, 'oh, next year'...we didn't carve pumpkins either...mine think it is because we live in an apartment, but really, I just don't want to...I am so not getting mother of the year or century...I have great ideas, but I can't seem to get it all done!!(if you look in the closet and find all the projects I started and didn't finish, don't tell)