Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sorry I've been a little MIA this week...
Just when Jack seems to be on the mend...
Colin decides to go and get sick!
I'm trying desperately to keep the rest of us healthy, as I play nursemaid to my poor hub.

Thanksgiving is next week you know,
we are suppose to have some visitors ...
Colten helped me with the calendar this month.
and it makes me smile every time I walk by it...
Grandma is coming,
and "Even" (aka Evan)...
Not sure what happened to Grandpa, Aunt Gabby and Uncle Mike.
Clearly too much writing...


We have a train table to set up for Mister Ev...
So Uncle Colin needs to feel better soon.

ok. I'm off to Clorox my house...and suck down a few more vitamin Ds.
a little fun give-away...
for my three readers! YAY!


gabbyfek said...

i love that too
even if i am forgotten.
bryce calls evan "heaven"
which i refuse to correct
b/c it is TOO MUCH.
even is very excited about seeing his cousins, tooooooooo.
we love you.

tara said...

cute little turkey on the calendar tOO! get that hubby healthY!
am I one of your 3 readers?! I am sure a ton of people read, they just never comment!

sarah said...

reader number three checking in! ;)

get that husband of yours well...and YOU stay well too! i'm so glad the family is coming to you this thanksgiving! what fun! are you and gab going to do a craft project? seems like you usually do something, right? or did i make that up?


Mara said...

Will you and Gab move closer to me please?
A) I'm fun.
B) I live next to C's parents
C) I'm fun.
D) I'll babysit (for Even)
E) I'll bring dessert to family functions
F) I live closer to kringle than you do
G) I'm fun.
H) Do you really need more convincing?
Come. On. Now.