Saturday, November 01, 2008


ETA*photo of the boys pumpkins... (l-r pumpkins designed and carved by: Colten, Jack and Jared)

last night was tons of fun...
we ended up being total whiskey tango
(thank you Darcy for coining that phrase....I use it all the time)
and went trick-or-treating in a completely different neighborhood then our own.
(first time we've ever done that)
Colin was invited into the neighborhood however,
and we didn't drive our kids up to each house,
let them out,
and then let them jump back in...
so, somewhat better...right?!?....

Jack's costume got done.
my fingers still hurt....but it didn't fall apart while he was treating,
which was my nightmare concern...
so that was a good thing.

The helmet...didn't even make my 15minute prediction.
he wore it for photos, and to one house. one.

Coley went with last years costume.
Again, I'm thankful the fake piercings are kind of uncomfortable...
very much discouraging any of the real variety...

he is so very handsome, even in black eyeliner...
he has a much great appreciation for woman after having it applied.
("I don't know why girls do this!")no costume necessary for the Jared...he is scary enough.we ended up trick-or-treating with some friends Colin works with, and their little girls (2 and 6)
so much fun going with a little one. I loved watching her run so fast you weren't sure how her little legs did it, trying so hard to keep up...
and checking her bag oh-so-carefully after each house just to see what she'd gotten...

afterwards we dropped Jared off at his party. and the rest of us went home for chili and apples with caramel and toppings to dip good....Jared's party went until midnight officially making me old because I was asleep way before then.

today has been a totally delightful lazy fest of nothingness.... we slept in, hung out, played board games, watched the Chelsea game, the Wisconsin game, and ate some delicious Deen brother's food..... no soccer tournament after 3 or 4 weekends worth of them.....a happy happy thing.


Missy said...

I've been waiting for this post :)
I can't believe you MAKE Jack's costumes!! I bow down to you.
And Cole... oh my. He's scary and cute all at the same time :)

gabbyfek said...

so so SO fun.
love the costumes.
and the j.
and his MAD FUN party.
oh so much.
wish we could've had caramel apples with you...