Thursday, November 20, 2008

For my friend KP

crowdSPRING, hire Kelly Purkey for your new Community Marketing Manager!

she is an amazing talent and would be a huge asset to your company for sure.
good luck Kelly!

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pakosta said...

go kelly!
hey, about my dog, piper, he's a cockapoo so if any of you have allergies, he doesn't shed ! i highly recommend that breed! there is NO HAIR all over my house ever! we only take him for a haircut every few months, or if you are good with that, you can get your own clippers and do it at home. he is seriously awesome with kids and a total sweetheart! i say GO FOR IT! seriously,we got him last year about 6 weeks after my hubby got out of the hospital. i think it's because we started to realize how short life was and how close we came to maybe losing michael that made us just go for IT! it's seriously brought our family even closer having a dog! it's awesome!!!!!