Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In sweats again....

I've decided that I have set the bar way too high.
and now I must lower it.

1. learn to sew. I've whined about it for years. now I just need to get a machine, and learn.
buy a sewing machine.
2. sew a quilt. lets just skip this one completely shall we...
3. learn to make really good homemade pizza (dough)....and make it a friday night tradition. bagel pizza are delicious, and semi-homemade.
4. family movie/game night. start it up again. complete with a concession stand and tickets. just like in the ville. they're older now, but I know they'll still secretly love it. ok, I can't strike this one, because we did this last weekend. 2 points on the board for e.
5. camp. buy the tents. and go. no more excuses.(ok, money is a good excuse, but we need to save and then go) lets start there shall we.
6. find an organic farm to buy meat in bulk from...or at least a family farm that farms like my grandpa did...I want to see cows roaming, and chickens out being chickens. ignore all of your gut instincts and buy the meat at the grocery.
7. buy a big ol' freezer for #6. then I can also double meals and freeze for busy nights. save money by not purchasing big freezer. nice.
8. learn to make pancakes. Colin is the breakfast cook....but I want to learn. let Col make breakfast... he is good at it.
9. learn to knit. buy some sweaters. pre-knit.
10. simplify...purge even more. get down to the bare essentials. no more "stuff" in boxes in the attic and garage... can't argue with this one. (unfortunately)
11. journal every day.
12. take the house designs and ideas floating in my head, and get it on paper. keep reading magazines with good room designs. attempt to remember them all and someday afford them.
13. paint...that map I want for the boys room. make it happen. buy an extra canvas, and let Jack join in. continue watching Jack make art.
14. grow orchids. purchase some, and learn to make them grow (and thrive) in my house. something.
15. get a pet. I say pet because the boys (all four) want a dog. I'm leaning toward cat, but they've been patient, so this may be the year... I just have to pull the trigger as Colin would say. remark at what a great pet SharkBait the goldfish really is...
16. do not exercise. no more excuses. just do it. hate it, and do it.
17. lose 36 lbs. (it should be more, but 36 seems to be the theme, so I'm going with that) gain at least 10lbs over the upcoming holidays.
18. pray about our next move. do it right. make sure it's where we want to be for a long time.
19. write more letters. real letters. that go in the mailbox. try and get Christmas cards out this year.
20. get the photos printed. in albums. seriously.
21. have baby number four, or don't. no more debating. I'm getting too old.
22. buy the house of our dreams next. (read that as it should be read...not expensive and huge, but on land....with character and potential) worry about selling this house. because that's productive... (not)
23. read more. for some reason I read voraciously in the summer and then not so much during the rest of the year. why? I don't know. us weekly, people, living, newsweek and money magazine will all count.
24. start a word of the week. post it, learn it, use it everyday....work it into my vocabulary...Jack will love it, and I definitely need it. I think fabulous, awesome, and great work just fine..
25. read the bible more.
26. post a scripture of the week.

27. eat better. cleaner. limit meat. cook every night.
28. take a vacation as a family. our five. somewhere. together. now please.
29. steal an overnight away with just Col. (even if it's just a hotel here in town) now please.
30. paint the bedrooms. yeah, ok, I need to do this.
31. work on being mindful of my words.
32. work on patience.
33. have people over for dinner more. this might involve meeting friends here...or moving move soon.
34. dress up more. quit being such a slob. debate wearing your pjs to drop off the kids at school this morning as you're running late. then debate whether or not that would actually cause you to have an accident that would result in having to get out of the car....
35. take a self portrait weekly. and make an effort to be in more photos of our daily. even fat.... hand Jack or Colten the camera, they love it. skip.
36.save. save. save. buy second hand. buy handmade. be conscience of where our money goes. except when it comes to Starbucks then pay a ridiculous amount for coffee

there. much better.
kidding, kidding.
the old list stands, I was just trying to make myself feel more productive...
this week I tell you. not been my favorite in the history of weeks.
today I got the kids to school on time though. (I re-wrote my 36 yesterday, hence #34).
forgot to dry Jack's hair last night before bed, so he has some crazy big hair today.
quite the bouffant.
had a dream I had a baby last night. named Petunia. woke up thinking Petunia? seriously?
watched Sarah Palin on Today this morning. today this morning...that's amusing to me.
did laundry. still doing laundry.
still rainy, gray, and cold.
turned the heat on finally. boo.
clearly going to be vitamin D deficient soon. sun. where. are. you?
answered the phone 4 times. all solicitors. why?
anxiously awaiting thanksgiving and NC with Gabby, Mike, Ev and Maxwell.
can't wait to see them.
and the food. excited about the food too. not going to lie about that....
need a new book. can't get into Host. really like the Twilight series, but not feeling the Host.
Jared liked it.
I'm trying...
maybe that's the problem. I shouldn't read the same books as my fourteen year old son.
loved that Jared was horrified I was in sweats yesterday when he got home from school.
actually I think he was horrified I got dressed, came home, put sweats on, got dressed again, went to swim lessons, came home, and put sweats on again.
that's normal right?
also love that Jack gets points taken off on homework and assignments for not showing work.
even though the answer is right.
should he not get extra credit? really.
is it too soon to put the christmas tree up this weekend?
I should go clean. I'm not even sure what I'm writing anymore....


essie said...

PUT UP THE TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love your ammended list btw...it rocked.
"funny you are" says yoda laptop.
missing and loving you!


sarah said...

LOVE the amended list!

and yeah. it's TOTALLY normal to get dressed, then put sweats on (rinse and repeat). I do that kind of stuff ALL the time.


Missy said...

I love both lists.
And are you MOVING??
Where where where??

(I gotta get on that Nestle in C-bus thing......)

Now I have to make a list too.

pakosta said...

oh man, you so remind me of myself. you do put alot of expectations on yourself in that list! i am so like that, then i get mad when i dont' accomplish all of it!
i have an idea, move to chicago! and then we can do the list together! esp. the lose 36lbs part!!!!!!!!!

gabbyfek said...

this is perfect.
oh so very much.
just walked max in my jammies-- fleece pants w/ birdies wearing earmuffs? check-- no bra, AND my striped rainboots.
is why you are the best ever.
b/c you and i are perfect together.
and yeah
putting the sweats back on?
i love you the mostest.

Anonymous said...

Spent my morning catching up on the Willards! Love the post with ammended lists, much more realistic!
I want to make a list but 43 things are just more than my brain can come up with.
I've been away from the computer so long I thought you may be blogging from a different state. Tell me where you want to go and I'll think about you there everyday to help speed up the move.
Miss you,

meghan said...

Dude I switch my sweat outfits..So I put one sweat type outfit on then later in the day switch it up...I wonder if Tyson finds this practice insane?
I love the altered list of yours, especially the Starbucks part and the part about ignoring your heart and just buying the meat at the grocery store! I feel you on that, lol.

Sarah said...

Oh man.
I ADORE this list.
You are my hero!