Tuesday, October 28, 2008

36 in 36

1. learn to sew. I've whined about it for years. now I just need to get a machine, and learn....
2. sew a quilt.
3. learn to make really good homemade pizza (dough)....and make it a friday night tradition.
4. family movie/game night. start it up again. complete with a concession stand and tickets. just like in the ville. they're older now, but I know they'll still secretly love it.
5. camp. buy the tents. and go. no more excuses.(ok, money is a good excuse, but we need to save and then go)
6. find an organic farm to buy meat in bulk from...or at least a family farm that farms like my grandpa did...I want to see cows roaming, and chickens out being chickens....
7. buy a big ol' freezer for #6. then I can also double meals and freeze for busy nights.
8. learn to make pancakes. Colin is the breakfast cook....but I want to learn.
9. learn to knit.
10. simplify...purge even more. get down to the bare essentials. no more "stuff" in boxes in the attic and garage...
11. journal every day.
12. take the house designs and ideas floating in my head, and get it on paper.
13. paint...that map I want for the boys room. make it happen. buy an extra canvas, and let Jack join in...
14. grow orchids. purchase some, and learn to make them grow (and thrive) in my house.
15. get a pet. I say pet because the boys (all four) want a dog. I'm leaning toward cat, but they've been patient, so this may be the year... I just have to pull the trigger as Colin would say.
16. exercise. no more excuses. just do it. hate it, and do it.
17. lose 36 lbs. (it should be more, but 36 seems to be the theme, so I'm going with that)
18. pray about our next move. do it right. make sure it's where we want to be for a long time.
19. write more letters. real letters. that go in the mailbox.
20. get the photos in albums. seriously....
21. have baby number four, or don't. no more debating. I'm getting too old.
22. buy the house of our dreams next. (read that as it should be read...not expensive and huge, but on land....with character and potential)
23. read more. for some reason I read voraciously in the summer and then not so much during the rest of the year. why? I don't know.
24. start a word of the week. post it, learn it, use it everyday....work it into my vocabulary...Jack will love it, and I definitely need it.
25. read the bible more.
26. post a scripture of the week. talk about it in the morning. (did this in Solon, loved it)
27. eat better. cleaner. limit meat. cook every night.
28. take a vacation as a family. our five. somewhere. together.
29. steal an overnight away with just Col. (even if it's just a hotel here in town)
30. paint the bedrooms.
31. work on being mindful of my words.
32. work on patience.
33. have people over for dinner more. this might involve meeting friends here...or moving soon.
34. dress up more. quit being such a slob.
35. take a self portrait weekly. and make an effort to be in more photos of our daily. even fat.... hand Jack or Colten the camera, they love it.
36. save. save. save. buy second hand. buy handmade. be conscience of where our money goes.

whew. 36 is a LOT.


sarah said...

I love this list a lot. A LOT.
REALLY good things on here...
things I need in my life too.
I'm thinking if you moved here next we could tackle some of these things together ;)
Like sewing and making quilts and knitting. and exercising (it's more fun with friends). and if you decided on baby #4 I would babysit for you. Lord knows I'm not having one anytime soon and I need a baby in my life to spoil ;)

xx :)

essie said...

honey-look at this!
this is a very good list...making me think 40 at 40 is something I couldn't possibly begin to start without serious beverages at hand to get the job done!
good for you!!
What ever I can do to help, let me know!

tara pollard pakosta said...

I just turned 38 and I can say honestly, that every single thing on your list I either want to do or am doing now! or do some of the time.....and I do want to be doing most of them and have good intentions! awesome list!!!
I just started exercising again last week and lost 3lbs! I needed to lose 36lbs too but now it's 33! you can do it too!!!!! join me!

gabbyfek said...

ummm, WOW.
you are seriously amazing.
and make me feel like a baaaaad little person over here.
i am exhausted reading your list.
did i mention your amazing-ness yet?
cuz man.

gabbyfek said...

i so wish we were trick or treating in the ville, tooooooo.
with the double jogger
jack could sit in one side. ;)
and max is ONLY calm on halloween at your house on his favorite couch that he hasn't eaten.
and we'd be together.