Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hanging on Every Word You Say....

changing the radio station in the truck last night.
Jack- "Wait! Mom...that's Free Bird! I have all those notes memorized! Leave it here!"

thank you God for guitar hero,
now my boys think of notes as colors. awesome.

but at least they know Lynyrd Skynyrd now right? sort of....
someone please explain to them that Kidd Rock doesn't sing

Sweet Home Alabama.
different song.
not better or worse boys.
I love All Summer Long.
but it's not a version of Sweet Home Alabama, and we will not have this discussion again.

Jack wants to learn Free Bird on this.I think that might be a good idea.


~*AMY*~ said...

aaahhhh skynyrd RULES!!! if jack learns freebird on the guitar i so think you should video it and post it. i will have a lighter on standby for that moment!!!

Jason Ebeling said...

Look at it this way....your pre-pubescent boy knows what Freebird is and sounds like and the other day I paused at a station to listen to it, only to discover that my done-bearing-children wife had no clue what it was. I love her, but sweetie......even Jack knows!

gabbyfek said...

holy heck batman!
i loooooooooooove that page.

baby changing stations said...
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