Friday, October 10, 2008

You are a Thief of Joy...

thursday 10/9 included:
jack waking up early again.

(before his brothers leave for school. this is a good thing)
jared forgetting his retainer and texting me twice to tell me not to bring it to school.
grocery shopping at Walmart.
recovering from grocery shopping at Walmart.
phone calls.
pep rally for jack at school.

football player autographs on his arms in sharpie.
big boys getting home.
a present for jared from uncle jake.

(colin's best friend, and jared's godfather)
cd of their band Lazy Maybes...

I come up with a title for my blog post.
jared getting at call to ref.
everyone getting ready quickly, grab drinks, mouthguard, and shoes.

and snacks.
suddenly everyone needs snacks...
listening to Lazy Maybes in the truck.
dropping jared off at 5:15.
driving to the other fields for colten's soccer practice at 5:30.
colin coaching coley's team.
jack and I kicking the ball around.
leaving for jack's flag football game at 6.
6:45 checking in with jared.
6:50 checking in with colin, he's getting jared.
7:30 jack's game ending. their first win!
home 7:45 paninis for dinner.
the 3 bs for the littles.
bath, books, bed.
The Office for all over the age of 10.
good night jared.
then Greys for us.

only 13 photos taken.

"autumn was what I was going to say. when the leaves change. it's just...I...I think it's the most contemplative of seasons." -Michael.


Missy said...

I have to tell you, I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed your week in the life this week.

It's so cool to get a peek into your daily happenings.
Inspires me to do one. Although, mine won't be nearly as fun. Sleep, feed Harrison, take Con to preschool. REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT!!

Colin said...

Has anyone noticed that I didn't exist this week. She even took a picture of her own foot. I am feeling so left out. Or Not. Only kidding, photos of the boys are so much more enjoyable. I think the pile of magazines is even better than me in a photo. Glad it's Friday!!! It's been a busy week. But, here's to a busy weekend of soccer AGAIN! Love You!

Just noticed my word verifcation is soccer appropriate...vPUNTw

erika said...

thanks missy ;)

and col my love.
i will only take photos of YOU tomorrow.
you will be thrilled.
a whole saturday in the life of colin.
i love you too.

essie said...

I am LOVING the idea of a whole saturday of the colin.

please take at least ONE snap of his foot!