Friday, October 17, 2008

There will be Photos later...

I am really hoping one of the two pairs of khakis I just got fit Jared for the big homecoming dance tonight.
I don't understand men's pant sizing. at all.

I can not believe my child is old enough to go to a homecoming dance...

Also, I am really wondering why the soccer tournament decided it was necessary to have games at 8am on both Saturday and Sunday. Also curious how it is that my boys play at 8am both days.
so wrong. 8am. Saturday and Sunday...

Happy Friday.


Ashley Wren said...

GOD you make me laugh.
are we not both completely and totally affected by murphy's law?

*shakes head*

essie said...

awww honey-
I know! this big boylie thing is a killer...that's why you have good neighbors to see you through it all...


i loved our crackbook convo last night.
my laptop still thinkgs it's yoda.