Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Ten

1. the "crazy person" Jared referred to in his summary of his day the other day, was actually Edgar Allan Poe. who Jared has now deemed as brilliant and says that his writing reminds him of watching Fringe.2. the first game on Saturday is against the team that crushed Colten's team not once, but twice on Sunday. causing lots of tears. awesome news. should be a great way to start this weekends tourney...3. at fall fun fest last friday (which is why Jack is dressed as a pirate)....we walked into the school and noticed right away.... art by Jack. framed in the hallway. he was so proud. love his creative little soul.4. I miss the changing leaves in Ohio, and my boys bringing home random pieces of nature for the coffee table on their walks home from school.... not the same here where all is still green.5. Colten had a bomb threat drill yesterday. Jared had a lock-down drill. both boys said had they not been drills they'd be dead. apparently they did not go well.

6. Jack told me yesterday that some kids were making fun of his hair at recess. so we were thinking of witty "comebacks" in the car. and Jack decided on "your lack of intelligence vexes me greatly", which is so Jack.....he hears a word his dad says, and then works it into his vocabulary. hence the use of vex. he loves words. the more obscure the better. and just so you don't think I'm a horrible mother, I did suggest he just ignore them....

7. this set of magnets that Gaga sent have been a huge hit...I love seeing what the witch will look like every time one of the boys walks by the fridge. I love that the bat is now wearing shoes. occasionally the hands are not doing the most appropriate things however...

8. I love that when I asked the boys what they want for Christmas Jack and Jared both asked for guitar lessons, before asking for anything else. how refreshing. I was expecting a video game....but that didn't come until much later, and almost as an after thought....following a list of wonderfulness....ranging from guitar lessons, to soccer goals, to jerseys.....awesome.

9. being able to make cookies for the boys when they get home makes me heart happy. (and my tummy....but that's beside the point)10. parent-teacher conferences today.
then the decision that Colin and I have been going back and forth on.
to homeschool or not.
that is the question.....
hopefully soon we will have the answer.


Meghan said...

Can I just tell you I really do love reading your blog? Your boys crack me up- today it was Jack coming up with a great comeback... I think you are just a great mom and am interested to know what you decide on with the homeschool sitch.
xxxoo Meghan

Amy Lynn said...

I'm drooling over your fridge, did I send you a picture of what mine looks like?
You so motivate me to get out my camera and take photos of things other than fabric.
Conferences will go great, I know those teachers love your kids for raising the school's test scores. They are so clever!

Dana said...

Hey Jared!

It's Dana I play gutair and I'm 11!
mwahaha mwahaha =]

gabbyfek said...

poe is a crazy person
but, you know... also very cool.
i love your kiddos
i love your posts
i love jack's hair
i love that i know you will do whatever is best for those boylies of yours b/c you are the best mama i know.
the end.