Friday, October 03, 2008

I got my rock moves....

Jack got up early this morning.
I usually have 20minutes between the bigs leaving and the Jack being forced up.
So he sat with me and helped me "superpoke" on facebook....
then he helped me read the comments from yesterday's post.
"SEE mom... I NEED guitar lessons! My fans are waiting!"
and that is just funny.
keep those lighters on standby. the first time jack plays free bird i will be getting a flip to capture that moment..... Happy Friday!
we have soccer this weekend. (an out of town tournament this time, just to break up the monotony....or something like that...)
what have you got planned?
yeah, I ask.
one person answers, but it amuses me to say the same thing every friday.
so just go with it.

I'm thinking about doing Ali Edwards a week in the life project next week.
yeah, i am aware that everyone is doing it this week.....whatever.
i work at my own pace yo....sheesh.
and i did just do a day in our life not that long ago,
but might be fun to look back on a whole week.
we will see.
it would be interesting to do a week every year. hmm.....


Mara said...

this weekend j's parents are in town. that means... not a whole lot :).
i'm impressed that you've got it in you to do a week in the life.
it is very cool.
but i might need to start with a day or an hour or something :).
happy friday, dearest.

sarah said...

shopping with the girls on Sunday!
actually more like "window shopping" for me...stupid having to pay rent! ;)

I was actually thinking about doing the week in the life thing next week too. I need something to focus on.

have a fun weekend!

Missy said...

I was thinking of doing a week in the life next week, too!! Too funny.

This weekend - NADA.
No plans.
I'm good with that :)

cheryl said...

Hey darlin - when he is rockin I will be up front with my lighter! LOL. Do people still light lighters at concerts? And I need to find you on FB! you can look me up - cheryl lau. Hope the soccer match was fun!

pakosta said...

i actually LOVEd doing the WEEK IN THE LIFE so much that i wanted to do it every month! but i was thinking maybe just document one day a month cause it's too much work!! and the last 2 days i burned out and didnt' get as many photos. but i still have over 100 to work with! crazy! i picked up a book and am getting started soON! i did the journaling in a notebook as i went.
and yes, we are waiting to hear the little dude perform LOL!

Ashley Wren said...

you are the best.
and our own pace.