Wednesday, October 01, 2008

i have no idea....

today i
talked on the phone with one of my best friends in england.
i haven't seen her in 5years, but when we talk it seems like i just hung out with her yesterday.
i talk with her and she inspires me to be creative. i miss her.

then i called my best friend from high school, and we talked for two hours.
again, i haven't seen her in 5+ years, but we pick up right where we left off without skipping a beat.
she's been married since she was nineteen. we had our first babies within two months of each other. and sometimes we are told that we "haven't accomplished anything". or how sad it is that we "never got anywhere"....
we talked about how amusing this is, and how much we feel like we've accomplished.
how happy we are. and how great our marriage is.
and then one of us.
today it was her, couldn't think of the right word to use, or used the wrong one,
i can't remember which....
and that sent us both into hysterics. and made us both say
" should have gone to college!"
as though that makes anyone more intelligent than anyone else.
i think i can say i for one would still make up words.
because it's more fun.
i think colin finds it endearing.

i love my friends. they're all over. the world at this point.
i wish i could mush them all together and have them all here with me.
except not here with me, because i love them too much to make them move to Arkansas.

jared said "didn't you go to school for artistry?"....and that made me laugh my ass off.

my littles are snotty, coughy little bundles of germs right now.
the moms that have kids wiping snot all over and coughing without covering their mouths,
then smiling and saying...."oh, it's just allergies" annoy me.
it's not allergies.
it's a cold.
get over yourself.

i grabbed these "supershots" at the grocery because they said something about "helping to lower blood pressure", and well, i figured drinking a little bottle of what appeared to be yogurt would be much easier than working out and watching what i eat.
so i went the supershot route, without so much as reading what they contained.
well, they taste horrible, and they're definitely not yogurt.
i actually was laughing. (out loud, for reals, LOL fo'reals) because it dawned on me that i'm an idiot and had no idea what in the heck i was consuming. just chugging away, because gosh darn it...i bought them.
i finally looked at the website.
and i still don't know what i've been drinking?!
colin will need to help explain plant sterols a little bit more in depth with me...
good grief.
what is wrong with me?!

(and i know that the stupid supershot isn't the same as exercise and eating right.
but you can't hear sarcasm through the computer, so i worry that people think i truly am an idiot.
more so than i'm portraying myself to be....
because really, who keeps drinking crap that tastes bad, when they don't even know what it is really?!?)

we have 3 soccer tournaments this month.
i love soccer. but even i think that's excessive.

i need a used bowflex. because the knee doctor said i need to lift weights, and gyms are gross.
i guess i'll never be a runner with this knee. or actually a walker for much longer if i'm not careful.
bad knee.

i may be enjoying sons of anarchy a little bit too much.
i'm now devising ways we can get (read that afford) a harley.
colin would look hot in a black leather vest.....

i'm pretty sure that this is the most ramdom blog post to date.
aren't you glad it's done?!


Missy said...

Ok Miss Random, here you go.
1) Friends like that (who you can talk to and feel like no time has passed) have got to be the absolute best.

2) I think you have accomplished quite a lot. And college is overrated.


4) Supershots... hmmm... I don't know what to think of those.

5) Goodnight! 3 tournaments? I DO NOT envy you.

6) Need a home gym/bowflex. I WISH I could give you ours. It's in our basement. Jon insisted he needed it after Connor was born. It never gets used.

7) Jon has a leather vest. Yep. Don't tell him I said he looks kind of cute in it.

sarah said...

I wish I could afford to fly to Arkansas right this second because you make me LAUGH! :)

super fun blog post my friend!


About Me. said...

Yes, that was a totally random post. Perhaps it is due to the mystery drink. Supershots? Sounds scary. Have you checked out your local Craig's List for the bowflex? That is where my husband found his total gym. It was brand new and we got it for $100. Love, love our total gym.
Ok, I must go get Patrick off of the phone with his girlfriend. It is way past bedtime.
Have a groovy day!
Love and God bless,

gabbyfek said...

you're the best.
you know this, right?
love you so.

Karoline said...

MWAH! kisses from further afield! xoxo!