Saturday, October 11, 2008

Colin is watching Gladiator for the millionth time as type this

Yesterday may have included, but was not limited to:

Colin resetting his alarm,
it not going off,
and us getting up at 6:50am.
(not good. bigs bus comes at 7:10)
Forgetting that it was Coley's picture day. Redressing him at 7:09.
Jared going to TLC (teens living for Christ) before school.
(God and doughnuts make Jared happy)
Jack getting up early again. and insisting on having his face painted for "spirit day" at school.
(used acrylic paint...he was super excited.)

after dropping him off at school, emailing colin photos at work.

Email went something like this:
Col: Very Nice!!!! Is his hair in a Beckham tail?
Me: no, i put a black "soccer headband" in his hair while i painted, and he decided to keep it on, so his face didn't get messed up. ;) xxe
Col: Either way he looked cute and Happy! Maybe you have a career in face painting...
Me: yeah maybe..... not.

Cute and happy, that's jack

Also from yesterday.
The happiest thing Nestle makes for me. talking with Gabby. we were cracking me up yesterday. we were FUNny.
after school. friday = video and computer games are a go. the boys love fridays.somehow jack snuck in the back door after school, and quietly crept up on me while I was sitting on the couch looking through the new Boden catalog. Apparently I was pretty engrossed in dog earring all my wishes, because he scared the living crap out of me. I think I jumped a foot. I can't remember the last time I've been so startled. He was pretty proud of himself.

lipstick on my cup. sometimes I like to try and look nice before Col gets home. is that weird? I'm kind of old fashioned...Jack's "green team" bracelet he got at school.
don't ask if it has to do with recycling. I did. and I got the "what in the heck kind of idiot are you" look from my son.
it's actually for staying on "green" all month.
(the schools behavior system, green = good, yellow = not so good, red = watch out they can spank in schools here)pumpkin crisp for dessert.Colin and I finally watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night.
good stuff.
the end.

I really do have two other sons and a husband. Colin has been lacking in representation during the week in the life posting, so I made up for that today. lots of Colin in tomorrows post. and even the other two boys.

Happy Saturday.


Missy said...

I've been searching for pumpkin spice creamer at the store to no avail - I am uber jealous of you ;)

And that was quite the paint job you did on Jack!!

And I need to see forgetting Sarah Marshall.. ASAP.

essie said...

um...we still need a snap of the colin...just because.

beautiful day in germany-we would all be hiking up to the castle, or on the solar cruise, or in a vineyard IF YOU WERE HERE.

pressured yet?

gabbyfek said...

my very favorite
is the picture of you
talking to me
that makes me smile
cuz we is the funniest.