Sunday, October 19, 2008

Overheard this weekend...

Colten "I am definitely naming my son Elvis."

Colten "my favorite color is red."
Jack "scarlett?"
Colten "no, actually I like a shade of blue a lot...that's probably my favorite"
Jack "navy?..."
"royal blue?..."
"sky blue?..."
"light blue?..."
he comes by it honestly, my favorite color when I was little was turquoise.

Jack (to his dad) "hi maaave-dick"
Colin "what did you call me?"
Jack "mavedick! I'm just reading your shirt"
Colin "that says (Dallas) Mavericks, Jack"

Colten "ummm, I so need to be homeschooled. Dad just taught me more right now then I've learned ALL year"


essie said...

come to germany-i'll teach you

Amy Lynn said...

Dana is hooked on the group HEART from the 80s. While on itunes she saw the song Barracuda, she pronounced it Bar-ah-cut-ah.
I told her how to prounce it then we looked it up online. Thank God for Wikipedia! I don't have many books hanging around on "voracious predators found in the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic."
Miss you!

About Me. said...

Oh my gosh, you crack me up, ok, your family does to. Thanks for sharing these funny conversations. I need to record more of this around here. Do you have a notebook in your pocket at all times to record them?
Also, I think that photo of your son Jared? is gorgeous. I know he is not smiling but he is still so handsome.
Have a groovy week!

sarah said...

your boys crack me up!


Audrey said...

hey erika,
I've got a really amazing coincidence to share with you. Can you email me at so I can send you this story? I know that seems like an out-of-the-blue request, but bare with me. :)