Thursday, October 09, 2008

Lazy Maybes

This will be quick, because I have a headache.
I also just spent $230 on groceries this week.
Perhaps the two are related?!?

10/8 Wednesday:
(everyone is so over the this is mostly just day-to-day "stuff")

I love this truck.
this big, crappy, old, 200,000 miles on it, paid off, always started, expensive tire needing, ECU pirates, gas guzzling, bright red, truck.
Love. it.
I have no idea why. It defies logic or explanation.
stuff they make.I reheat my coffee a million times a morning. just one more reason i love fall. caramel candles. keeping it real. wednesday - still hadn't purged crap from the coffee table. actually I can tell you it's thursday now, and I'll be throwing a few more magazine on top of there in a minute.
soccer tan line. it's hard to see because it was so bright in the kitchen, but it's there. and it's funny. I love my crockpot. it makes me food while I'm at practices.only 24 photos taken of yesterday, and less today...not good.

Jared texted me from school this morning.
"I forgot my retainer at home just leave it there"
followed by another text.
"Do NOT bring it to school"
which made me laugh because he forgot his lunch yesterday,
I dropped it by the office, and apparently the office called down to the class he was in,
and that teacher said "Jared, your momma brought yer lunch it's in the car."
(office/car, same thing I guess...)
I assume he decided he didn't need his momma bringing him his retainer... poor embarrassed teenager.

I've been thinking a day behind so much on this blog that I actually thought The Office was on tomorrow. I told Gabby it was on tomorrow, which then confused her...
so back to thursday now....


sarah said...

1. ouch. $230 on groceries would give me a headache too. I spent $30 this week. sorry.

2. love the pirate plate on the truck. we have to have actual license plates on the front + back here. no fun.

3. is that candle from bath + body works? i almost bought that sunday but i went with the apple instead. plus a pineapple mango and a passion fruit guava. apparently i'm wishing i were back in hawaii vacationing ;)

4. i wish i could sit on your couch and thumb though that stack of magazines. i LOVE magazines and I can see you have good magazine taste!


cathy said...

Erica, love your post as always!
Gotta tell you I adore the color of your kitchen especially with your cabinets and appliances!

gabbyfek said...

those candles are on sale for $10 right now-- the big giant ones.
i love that truck
it makes me smile
i love your pictures
they make me smile
i want to come heat up our coffee a million times and make crockypot food.