Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I love Halloween

Halloween is my favorite.
I'm not going to lie. I did try to find a clone trooper costume this weekend.
I decided to go the easy route...
but alas. no clone trooper costumes, so back to the original idea.....
when I told Jack I was making his costume he said something along the lines of
"Oh never make our costumes...."
whoa....wait just one second mister....
I made Jango. remember?!?And Chuckie.... including red sneakers with wired shoelaces so they could be noticeably untied...that was also the year of the chicken.
the chicken I saw in Martha Stewart, and just had to make,
because while later on you could purchase the chicken could not so much purchase a finished chicken costume back in the Coley drew the "my mom made me dress up like a chicken when I was two" straw.
please note how my very serious boy felt about this...hi... how much do you love the kitchen glove feet? love.not convinced Colten loved it all as Colten is finding his happy spot "I am not a chicken, I am not a chicken"....
please note that Jack never wore the chicken costume because when he was one and a half and two, every time I took it out of the closet he'd scream "Nooooo sheecken, noooooo!" because he was scared of it. sweet huh? not so much....

here is his baby self in the pumpkin costume I did not make. but all my boys wore their first Halloween. 7month old Jack...ooooh dear. I love that chunky baby so. and yes, he's totally wearing a light up not age appropriate necklace. I'm sure it was a choking hazard.

here he is scooting around so he can eat the light up necklace. no I'm kidding. he didn't eat it. anyway....costumes.
yes. the hard part for me isn't the concept. like how I want it to look. it's the execution.
I don't actually sew.
that my friends is a major set-back to costume making.
so I have to hand sew it.
I really want to learn to sew. with a sewing machine.

also, please note that me watching Jon and Kate plus 8, and the Duggars 5 million kids and counting show and looking through baby albums.....
all in one day. probably not the best idea..... can anyone say baby lust?!?


sarah said...

that chicken costume is AWESOME!
the feet? LOVE.

I hear you on the baby lust...
my clock is ticking LOUDER lately.

good luck to you on the clone trooper costume. it will be great!

essie said...

walk away from the babies!!!


okay-the chicken is hysterical, and probably cemented into Coley-O why mohawks are cool...

love you!and walk away from the baby!!!

gabbyfek said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaay babies!
did essie want me to say walk away?!?!?!?!
can i mention that i'm sorta peeved we didn't find the punkin for ev just for the photo op?
we may need to do that at turkey day. i'm just saying...
the sheeeeeeken....
and the pics of oley.
love. so. much.

Bridgette said...

i love your costumes.
and the chicken cracks me up.
my child hates halloween.
There were bribes today for picture taking. I'm not proud. I'll admit it. :)

and i get the baby lust thing. I can't watch Jon & Kate anymore because of it. And pictures of your nephew don't help either. :) If only he wasn't so adorable. {sigh} LOL