Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's really Wednesday, but this is Tuesday, Wednesday will now be Thursday, and Friday....just try and keep up...

so yesterday after tripping over the box sticking out from under my bed for the umpteenth time, I decided to figure out what was inside. a strange conglomeration of art projects from school...scary monsters. I also found a huge pad of arches paper. which is cool because I know jack will be hot to help me use it. and I've had an urge to win win. I also found a sheet of linoleum in there. a linocut maybe?.... we shall see. can't seem to finish any one project I start lately, so perhaps I shouldn't jump into too many more. anyway, it was a fun blast from the past.


sarah said...

I just posted about my failed attempted at a week in my life :)

Maybe I should have bought a plane ticket to Arkansas this week...then I'd have stuff to take pictures of.

p.s. LOVE seeing your art! how cool!

gabbyfek said...

could i love your blog more?
no. i could not.
love your arts. make me stuff. now. please and thank you.
love the photos.
love those boylies.