Monday, October 13, 2008

done. done. and done.

Sunday 10/12:
Doughnut eating.
I took 8 photos yesterday.
all of which were us. eating. doughnuts.

of course the day included more than just doughnuts...
I think I was just done taking pictures of it all.

soccer wins. and a hat trick for jack.
"I scored goal #5, 7 and 9" -Jack.
proving that even if the soccer association says not to keep score.
the kids will do it anyway. (and with more accuracy than the adults.)

I'm really glad I did this week in the life project.
but I'm also really happy it's done.
I'm definitely going to be more vigilant about writing in a journal.
but I like to see my life through my eyes sometimes, and not through a viewfinder.

photos now need to be printed.
so I can start the next phase of this project.
the album.
I'm guessing that will take more than a week....


sarah said...

HUGE congrats for sticking with that project...what an accomplishment!

good job you!

note to self: pick up donuts on the way to work tomorrow ;)

gabbyfek said...

love your morning donut light. ;)

essie said...

good for you!!
can't wait to see the finished product.

no pressure or anything!