Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not so much Today per se...

I wrote this yesterday,
and then never actually posted it. just completely forgot.
I blame this stupid headache I've had since yesterday afternoon.
yesterday this is what I was thinking:

I took all the boys to the dentist this morning,
in what was a most idiotic brilliant idea.
two and a half hours later,
I was feeling like I accomplished,
carry the one...
but we all have whiter brighter smiles.
the new dentist gives free whitening if you go every 6 months.
so, new whitening trays were made.
perhaps that was worth the extraordinarily long time spent there.
oh, and I read like four issues of Metropolitan Home.
totally worth it.
now there is a Gio Ponti armchair that I truly can't live without,
and pretty much anything from here...
and I'm assuming it is a bad sign when you have to call for prices...
so that's terrific.

in other bits of total randomness.
Jack's class is in charge of the cake walk for the fall festival at school.
I love some cake walking.
and had dreams of making something fabulous from my new book
Hello, Cupcake...
which really is the most labor intensive adorable thing ever.
and who was I kidding really.
the cake walk cake would have been a box mix.
with some cuteness on top.
but in all likelihood, much less cuteness than contained in my book.
a note came home this week....
"please send in Little Debbie snack cakes for the cake walk, as many as you can."
Little Debbie snack cakes. I have no words for the horror that is.....


essie said...

(said with emphasis on the final d)
it's time for HAPPY CAKE!

I too am a lover of cakewalks, though I never EVER win.
I say...even if you BUY the flippen thing...
go really really

screw the little debbies.
i mean HONESTLY people!

sarah said...

little debbie snack cakes?
I'm horrified! You can't have those for a cake walk!

my mom has that cupcake book...
it's SO cute + fun :)

Karoline said...

I'd personally give my right, no, left arm for a Little Debbie Nutty Bar right about now...But cake walks with swiss cake rolls... WRONG!