Friday, October 31, 2008

All Hallows' Even...

Coley has never been a fan of the pumpkin guts. he would look absolutely pained every time we carved pumpkins... this year was no exception, however he actually did it.....cleaned his whole pumpkin himself. we are making mad progress.and apparently when you are Colten, you can only carve pumpkins shirtless.

Jack has never been scared to get pumpkin guts on him...which is remarkable, because he is my gaggy one.and then there is the big boy. the one that can't handle touching or smelling the guts. isn't he cute?!?

his hands stayed clean, his daddy cleaned his pumpkin out for him.....

he did manage to carve it himself....I'm so proud.
more photos to come after the fun tonight.

Happy Halloween.

1 comment:

gabbyfek said...

oh how i love it
that is the coley face i know and love at carving time...
tee hee hee.
mr. merry just carved 1 punkin and de-seeded another. really just for the seeds. i told him just to carve ev's name in it and he gave me a classic mr. merry wtf face.