Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Yesterday in the Life

I said I was going to do Ali's a Week in the Life project,
and so far, so good.
I won't be posting everything everyday....
but blogging makes me a little more accountable...
so I'm going to post some of it.
I'm actually really enjoying the process.
The boys, not so much.
I think they have the camera in their face so much as it is, it doesn't help having it around constantly....
the writing is what I'm really excited about.
I recorded the best stories from the boys yesterday. Some were substantially longer than I anticipated, and my handwriting got progressively worse, but I know I'm going to look back and really really love that I took the time to do this......

Yesterday. Monday 10-6-08:

Monkey scrubber from Gabby.
Handmade dish-cloth from Sarah. (Yes, having a happy sink makes doing the dishes WAY more enjoyable)...

The catalogs and magazines are taking over.... (I'm purging that situation today)boys home. backpacks on hooks.
vitamin water = the boys are completely addicted...the only one that doesn't mind being in front of the camera non-stop...
2 of my favorite stories from yesterday:

Jack "In art we're studying Grant Wood. He's an artist and his most famous painting is American Gothic. We're re-drawing it in a different or funny way. Kind of a different way. I put a mohawk on the farmer and a french mustache. And the farmer wasn't really the farmer, it was Grant Wood's dentist. and there was a lady in the picture, she was Grant Wood's daughter. And I added her a uni-brow. I had to draw the house in the background. And the art teacher told us the painting was called American Gothic because the farm house was an American farm house and the Gothic part came from the window on the very top of the house because it was a Gothic styled window - that was what they called it. That's what we're learning in art class."

Jared "We're learning about plate tectonics, sea floor spreading, and continental drift (in science) and my teacher asked us...well, first he showed a picture of pangaea and then he showed a picture of pangaea spread out into todays continents. And he asked us how do you think it got this way? and people thought completely wrong ideas like earthquakes or giant animals. and then finally I raised my hand (Me- Wait, why didn't you raise your hand first if you knew the answer? Jared -I wanted to hear all the retarded ideas first) -and explained to him in depth everything we were about to learn. Then Mr. Novak said well Jared that's right - that's actually really right, So, do you want to teach the lesson, or do you want to have a study hall during this? and I said I'll just sit in class and see if I missed out on anything."


About Me. said...

Great photos. I should give this a try. I am happy to see that I am not the only person who has a stack of magazines. My stack is actually bigger.
Hope all is well and we can chat soon.
Love and God bless,

gabbyfek said...

i love your boys.
those stories are killing me.
unibrow? french moustache? sit in study hall?
love it.
need more coffee now that i saw yours. thanks. hee.
love you.

essie said...

first...WAS ("vas" if you were HEEERREEE with me) is the coffee beauty-ness?!!

second...this little project...
me likey...

jack man is on heck of a ball thrower and holy mess, funny as hell!

fourth...Jw...oh my stars...pangea knowledge is amazing, and utterly hysterical.

fifth-totally with Gabster on 2he comment-ness
oh dear!

loving you!

essie said...

I was a wasted mess of nothing at school today I was so friggen tired!...seriously.
my boylies were sooooo insane I actually GROWLED at one of them.

the team mate of mine walking down the hall...yeah, he snorted he laughed so hard at me.
not cute.

im-ing back and forth on crackbook
with you...100% worth the growl!
loving you!