Monday, October 27, 2008

Yep, we got the 8 o'clock game again....

what soccer looks like at 8am...
what soccer looks like after three games, over-time, and a shoot-out.
Jared was the first of the five to shoot....thought I was going to vomit.
but he made it...

and can I just tell you how many times I heard "can we get a funnel cake?" this weekend...
360 million times I think.
I really think fried food concession stands at soccer tournaments are brilliant. I mean who doesn't want to run for an hour after consuming a corn dog and fries?....yeah, not mine

and check out my new apron. wearing my loveliness from gab, mike and ev is helping make monday happier indeed.
later I'll post my 36 for 36....aka the 36 things I hope to accomplish in my 36year of life.
(I can now cross off getting a kick-butt apron)


sarah said...

soccer at 8am AND fried foods at a soccer tourney should both be against the rules.

LOVE the apron!
and there is no way you're 36...

essie said...

happy birthday love coming your way...

Missy said...

you are such a good picture taker ;)
I need me one of those aprons.
plus -
I need to make a 35 in 35 list.