Monday, October 06, 2008

Weekend News

Jack- "I have a lot to write in my weekend news. We went to a soccer tournament in Russellville. My big, big brother got first place. and my brother got second place."weekend news = monday writing journal at school.
I love that it's his "big big brother", and his "brother".
wrote that quote down in my week-in-the-life notebook....
i've been taking photos today and jotting things down.

drove through Weiner again. and i'm not going to lie. it was just as funny to me the second time.
jared and i made colin stop the car so we could take a photo of the weiner bowling sign.
made me giggle.
my photo was blurry because i'm lazy. jared sprinted across the field to get all up close and personal with the weiner bowling sign. at one point last night i had to remove one small boy from the car to discuss how the crying and endless whining would be ending immediately,
and an apology would be given promptly to both me, and his daddy....,
or we wouldn't be going any further.

when i noticed this.which made the idea of having to sit on the side of the road for what could have been the rest of the night more enjoyable.

luckily a certain someone pulled themself together, and we got back on the road.

and now i'd like an extra weekend to recover from the weekend. please and thankyou.


gabbyfek said...

weiner bowling is generally hilarious, i says.....
look at those medals.
niiiiiiiice work, nephews.
uncle mike and i are proud.
so's ev.
and maxxy.
we miss you guys so stinking much.

gabbyfek said...

and p.s.
that photo is ahhhhhhmazing.

Missy said...

weiner bowling is darned funny.
and here's your extra weekend.
you're welcome.
that didn't work?
darn it.

sarah said...

ah, weiner bowling.
it IS hilarious! :)

love the "big, big brother" and "brother" comment. too cute.

my week in the life project is kind of half-assed...I keep forgetting to take pictures. oopsie!

essie said... for the holidays, I am requesting my own copies of the infamous weiner photos to put in the boys bathroom.

I'm going to frame them AND mat them...totally cracks me up, and the thought of you, smirking away is even MORE funny to me!
The weather must have been our
EE-SP...amazing, utterly gorgeous rainbows all over the sky in Heidelberg on Friday.

took my breath away.

sometimes we all need a little love from above to make us stop and breathe for a sec.

all my kisses!

pakosta said...

i am doing the week in the life thing and am loving it! i didn't get as many photos or the ones i wanted to take, such as them in bed reading etc.but i have taken those similar shots before. i am putting all of my photos and tons of journaling into a notebook...having FUN!
love your blog and glad you are blogging more!

Jason Ebeling said...

I love reading about you really write well and the photos make it fun. Good stuff.

Tell me again why you guys had to move so stinkin far away?