Friday, November 07, 2008

idk my bff jill

the phone rings this morning, after Jared and Cole had left for school.
Jared. "Mom. Hey, I uh forgot that permission slip for career orientation and it's due today."
me "ok"
Jared "turn your cell phone on so I can text you, I can't walk into TLC talking on the phone."
I turn my cell phone on.
2 seconds later.
text. "Hey im supposed to have those sheets 4 career orientation"
here is the logic of teendom that escapes me....
a. he just told me that on the phone.
b. he couldn't talk on the phone during TLC, but apparently he thought texting would be acceptable.
c. he could have waited for 2 seconds for me to say "I will drop the form off after I take Jack to school"
instead I had to text that reply.
actually I believe I texted something along the lines of
"there is nothing I would love to do more my son then drop off your permission slip."
actually it pains me to text, and I really do spell out most words, and sometimes have to text Jared back when he does things like idk because ironically I didn't know what that meant....
his phone is great for texting though, it has a whole keyboard. mine. not. so. much.

that horrid photo (featuring my neck fat) is from wednesday.
the first wednesday of each month is "wacky wednesday"...
if you scored well on the benchmark (year-end state) test last year, you get to check out of school early.
if not, you get to go learn things specific to the test.
teach to test you know.
I think maybe some teen logic came into play when this concept was decided upon.
it was probably decided by text.

wot cn we do 2 punish the kids tht dnt test well?
let the smart ones leave early. tht will show um. lol.
good idea. lol! ttyl

(I'm kidding, and I'm sure I just slaughtered teenage text....Jared will correct it, I am sure)

in any case....
Jared came home early and we watched some tv.
it's rough to be fourteen and clearly already know everything ...

ETA: I should add that he did text me to thank me for dropping his permission slip off. which was very sweet....


Missy said...

I like your teen texting.
And I have a full keyboard and still feel the need to write everything out. Must be my age :)

P.S. My word verification says "hostical" - that could be a new dictionary addition. "Dude, don't get all hostical with him, he's a kid!"

sarah said...

love your teen texting...
made me giggle.
And I'm like Missy. Have the full keyboard and still type everything out 99% of the time.


essie said...

you are a funny girl!

I mailed a big box of Deutschland love to J'boro last week...including some things "that you had previously requested..."
I'm trying to be covert.
Can you tell?

missing and loving you!

About Me. said...

What a great photo of the two of you. I am so slow when it comes to texting. I just barely hit send and I have a reply from my boys.
I AM TAGGING YOU! This is the first time I have ever been tagged so I hope you will play along. It is a short and easy tag. Just go to my blog for the details.
I hope you had a great weekend.

Meghan said...

Texting is seriously taking over the world! My single friends have guys texting them instead of calling on the phone to chat! WTH is up with that?! I do love texting but I always type out full words. And I don't see neck fat in that photo you geek!