Monday, November 10, 2008

so what...I'm still a Rockstar....

my husband left for Chicago this morning...
it's gray
and rainy
and cold...
and I'm feeling kind of like I should have just stayed in bed, and hoped for a better tomorrow.
but I'm up. I am up.
(insert sunny sarcastic smile here)
and although I'm a little lot whiny...
I was friendly at WalMart. (which on a normal day is challenging for me)
I had a moment of wishing I knew someone here....anyone...a friend.
I hate that I know in advance that I won't run into anyone I know while I'm out. there will be no chance meeting...
no spontaneous coffee or lunch....
and sometimes that sucks. normally I don't care. but sometimes. I do.
I was not friendly at the gas station however.
I might have had one minor I pulled into a spot and put myself in timeout.
sometimes it's hard to be the best driver in the world.
I kid.
sadly while I was frustrated with the woman in front of me, it dawned on me that it had been so long since I'd filled the truck up myself I couldn't in that moment remember what side the gas cap was on. nice. so the timeout was two fold.
and really $1.82 a gallon should have cheered me up.... but. it. didn't.

SO. I'm going to now post happy things.
happy mail things.
I would recommend everyone get an Esther.
she's beautiful, fabulous, smart, and funny. she could cheer up the crankiest of cranks.
and she sends killer boxes of love via the mail. everyone should be lucky enough to get German candy sent to them's heaven.
btw the treehouse really loved the peach gummies.(lots)

and HUGE shocking mail-love arrived last circle journal arrived home. I know...crazy, huh?
just so you can fully grasp the magnitude of this greatness....
when I started this circle journal, and last saw it...I was 32.
(I only know this because my "sign-in tag" says so)
pretty cool huh? (I just turned, count em...36)
(look at baby connor missy! awww....)
so thank you for that little huge surprise Jessica.

and I was tagged by Shaun.

the rules...
1. link to person who has tagged you
2. post the rules on your blog
3. write 6 random things about yourself
4. let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

I think I define here goes.

1. I am a certified scuba diver. not that I've done anything with that certification since having kids, but I am...
2. I've always known that my calling in life was to be a mother.
3. I am the queen of all who procrastinate. queen.
4. I would be a vegetarian in a nanosecond, if my husband wasn't so carnivorous. although I would miss the occasional filet...
5. I have always secretly wanted to have so many kids I could fill one of those huge vans... minus the denim jumpers and 80s bangs....thankyou.
6. I have always had a love affair with harleys. (CHiPs was my very favorite show when I was little, cut me some slack) I rode bikes super fast with crazy boys when I was younger, and luckily survived. now I just really want one for date nights with my husband.

I'm tagging Gabby. because dude, you need to update your blog. this auntie needs some evan. and if it's it takes random to get it...then so be it.

now it's dark out, and my boys are still out I'd better go find them. I really need one of those big bells that you ring to let your kids know it's dinner-time. hmm...where might one find one of those...
alright. that's all I've got for this Monday that definitely for sure is a Monday...


About Me. said...

Fun post! I feel the same way about running into someone I know at Walmart. I never do, just like today. The nice part is I don't have to worry about how I look.
Thanks for the tag, I really appreciate it.
Have a groovy day!

essie said...

i love you e...
we would have the bestest of days here in DE together...damn Nestle!

I think I need to call Mr. Nestle and let him know what a GRIEVOUS error in judgement he made by sending the treehouse to Arkansas.


i know exactly how yesterday felt for you...more candy and toothpaste is on the way.

thank you for being the friend that I...ME...ESSIE...can count on.
loving and missing you-

tara pollard pakosta said...

awww, i wish i were there to hang out with you! come move to chicago burbs with me!! (plainfield)....
i don't have that many friends here either and spend lots of days bored and lonely out of my mind!

sarah said...

stupid blah days.
I hope today is better for you
and that C will be back soon.

i wish i was there to go to walmart with you. i hate walmart but adore you and I think we'd make it fun :)

i'm SHOCKED that you got your circle journal back! COOLNESS. I have one I need to send back to it's owner too. thanks for the reminder ;)

hugs and love!

Missy said...

oh my goodness gracious!!
that IS a teeny baby Connor...
what the heck happened!?!?!

and dude.
35 seems to be smacking me in the face every. single. day. I feel the pain.

And I'm with you on random #4.
Right down to the filet :)