Friday, November 21, 2008


Jack "ooooh...It scared me again. I look outside and see Coley's helmet, and it SCARES me momma! I think it's a person with a mask on!"
I never noticed that before....but it's startled me now a few times today.
thanks for pointing that out buddy....


essie said...

Mr. Jack:

I am in the process of filling Box 2 that will accompany Box 1 from Germany to Arkansas. I promise to include something
to make up for scary, startling brother helmets.
I promise!

hugs and love,
Ms. Esther

Cheryl said...

that thing would freak me out too! Then again I have freaked myself out with my own mirror. LOL. I refuse to look into the mirror at night when I go to the potty - old memories of playing bloody mary. LOL.

pakosta said...

aww scared me too!

About Me. said...

I read this post last night and had nightmares all night long. Please make them move that helmet. LOL
I hope you have a great turkey day with your cute little nephew!