Thursday, November 13, 2008

the Sun is Out...

what is that?
that little purple spot?

is a sticky ball stuck to my ceiling.these are the kind of things that amuse boys.
throwing things that stick up on the ceiling when I'm not looking.
I finally noticed today guys. thanks.
one of these times, I'm not going to notice it until it drops on my head,
and I pee my pants.
which I think is what they're really going for....
adorable.overheard yesterday.
"what is your favorite letter?" -Colten
"J" -Jack
"you can't pick the letter that your name starts with" -Colten
"umm. then C.... what is yours?" -Jack
"S" -Colten
"say J" -Jack
"no, I like S" -Colten
"and J?" -Jack
"no, just S" -Colten

Jack -"mom, I want a watch for Christmas. I can tell time though, so it can just be a regular one (not digital) like a gold one with diamonds. I need a little bling."


essie said...

holy crap...the jack wants bling!

doodle wants a watch for the holidays too...right now though, she's managed to talk her "wrapped around her finger daddy" into a blackberry or whatever cell phone thanks to her student of the quarter status.

oh my stars!

and yes, I'll acknowledge the kittens had over her pierced 7 though.
She was only 7.
She still has the rainbow unicorn mini-jar gift thing...

erika said...

new favorite phrase.
"kittens had over"
oooh my gosh. dying here.
I'm still saying.
there were kittens had.
cough cough...
big time kittens.

I've still not recovered from seeing pres and his piercing...
but really what we must focus on at this point,
is not letting coley know ;)

pakosta said...

oh poor jack!
he wants brother to love
his initital!
i LOVE j's hair! so so CUTE! tara

sarah said...

oh my stars...
I need a little bling?!!?

that is the funniest and cutest thing I've heard all day!


Missy said...

He needs BLING?!?!
oh my.
I really really love that.
And the purple ball.
And favorite letters.
Your boys are the epitome of cute.

About Me. said...

You crack me up! When I was getting our old home in Salt Lake ready to put on the market, I found four of these sticky things on a wall and the ceiling. One of them was in the back of my son's closet and it was a lizard. It scared me speechless! I actually like lizards, it was just such a surprise to see it there. They are not easy to get off. I had to use Goo Gone to get the sticky stuff off.
Have a groovy weekend and thanks for making me laugh!

gabbyfek said...


meghan said...

I love that photo of Jack and love that he wants some bling and he is so funny with the 'no say it is J' such great kids you have!