Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eat some Chicago pizza for me....

Dear Colin,
I forgot to set the alarm this morning. Completely forgot it. As in did not even try to set it. I can not blame the alarm for a second. (which is unfortunate, because I'd really like to)
As you can see, I am not doing well without you here.
I can not even get the kids to school on time.
Well, I got 2 out of 3 to school on time, but barely. and I think Colten forgot to brush his teeth. (this is particularly ironic, because you don't normally help me at all in the morning, but you do wake me up. and that is key)
I told Jack to tell the teacher that his mommy forgot to set the alarm because she's a bad mom.
Jack said "I will just tell her that my mommy is a good mom, she just forgot to set the alarm today."
That made me happy.
We miss you. Call me tonight and I will tell you if Jack throws up in the pool during swim lessons. And if Colten says that he will never do it again. (place your bets now babe)
I love you.


Colin said...

No Pizza yet, but I did drink some Chicago beer at dinner. I will be home soon to watch TV with you and melt into the couch. Can't wait. Love you...I'll let you know how the pizza is.

essie said...

yoda laptop sends love!

gabbyfek said...

i loves you guys.
and i need to post on my bloggage, eh?
loooooooooove you.