Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Is it wrong that I was really proud that my kid was the only one in the class that knew
what the best way to spread Christmas cheer was?
"singing loud for all to hear..."

of course...
got to love Elf....

Something everyone should do?
frame your kids artwork.
and then hang it in the living room.
or dining room.
somewhere everyone will see it.
it's seriously priceless their pride from this simple little act...
don't get me wrong, I have their art everywhere....
taped on my cabinets in the kitchen,
and under magnets on the fridge....

but framed.
framed is different.
and you can see it on their faces.

examples of some art by a few of my favorite artists.
here is Jack's take on Grant Wood's American Gothic:
and an old one from Coley, but one of my favorites....I'm going through their art boxes now, and I think I'm going to do a whole wall with just their work.
I think a wall of happy will be perfect...


pakosta said...

I have a whole wall in my kitchen just above my table of my girls artwork! they LOVE IT! i want to do more through the house. i have some framed in their bedrooms too, but i have so many more to hang! and pictures of them don't get me started! i haven't hung any new ones since nov. 2006! i need to get some printed!!! if you do a whole wall, please share! i know i put mine on my blog at some point but cant remember when!

essie said...

and seriously cool

love your treehouse!
aka spidermonkey

sarah said...

I have always wanted to do that!
It's been something I've had stored in the back of my mind for "someday" if I have kids...a little framed gallery of their art! LOVE that you did this!

and yeah.
thanks for making me cry.
i've seen all this talk of the Christmas Shoes song and I had to go and look up the lyrics. what the??? how is THAT a good song for Christmastime?! it was horrible.


Christy said...

Oh E, it's so good to be back in blog land and "catch up" with YOU. I love how "real" your blog is, and how you share details and sources and all the fun photos on your blog. This blog is such a treat. Keep up the beautiful work my friend! ;)

Missy said...

Now this... I am going to do this.
Wonderful idea, E...
love it :)

and would you believe my little guy was SHY at his Christmas program today?
I am stunned.

kelly said...

you are the best mom :)
i love going home and seeing my artwork framed there