Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dress You Up in my Love...

So I sent out an email yesterday requesting mailing addresses from some of my favorite friends,
who clearly I need to talk to more, because I don't even have their addresses...
Inevitably half reply back with something along the lines of...
"so how many kids do you have now? harharhar...."
"any new family members we should know about?" smiley face, smiley face, smiley face....
I don't know if this is normal?!?...
or if people just think Colin and I only have one pastime?
not sure...
One friend wrote back with "what are you up to now….6 or 7 kids?"
So, being me...I replied with "yes, we actually have 8 kids now. it's been rough having to drive the 15 passenger van, but now that gas prices are better things are looking up."
because, well, that's the kind of friend I am.
Now. how he thought I had 5 kids in the maybe 2 years since we last spoke? I have no idea.
but he did. thankfully his wife (and my good friend) explained that I was obviously messing with him.
I was laughing so hard this morning when I realized that he probably spent the night explaining to his wife that Colin and I now had eight kids... I'm sure arguing it to be truth. the look on her face I'm sure was priceless...
So I probably shouldn't be so sarcastic via's hard to read sarcasm. Unfortunately.

today was 80s day for Colten at school.
80s day.
what in the world happened to like 60s day?
80s? that just makes me feel old. not cool.
So, Colten comes home yesterday and unfolds a piece of paper...
"I took notes... I need to wear a polo shirt with the collar up, florescent colors, a skinny tie, Coke clothes, and cocky khaki pants."
"So, I need a skinny tie and something florescent"
well, that's awesome news at 4pm on thursday...I'm sure we have plenty of skinny ties around here somewhere....
no not really.
we went with what we had, involving nothing florescent or skinny....
a black polo shirt, and cockypants....
poor Cole. Don Johnson he was not.
he said the girls were "way done up"...
it would have been much easier to do 80s day with a girl I think.
I base this on the fact that I was a girl. in the 80s.


Christy said...

"yes, we actually have 8 kids now. it's been rough having to drive the 15 passenger van, but now that gas prices are better things are looking up."... bwahahaaaaa!!! You = funny my friend. ;)

essie said...

that was funny as chit.

oh my goodness i miss you!!

cocky pants
holy crap.

and because Germany is reinventing thes tyle of the 80s you can BET that there will be flourescent something or other in the hatbox!!


sarah said...

e + c plus 8?
i'd watch that show ;)

love the cocky pants!
but i don't love that they had an 80s party. makes me feel OLD.


gabbyfek said...

ohhhhhhhh the cute.
i love that picture.
and the cockypants?!
that is sort of killing me here.
and i'm sure mr. merry has a tie for oley. ha ha ha.
love you.

Cheryl said...

LOL - yes, 80's is "vintage" now. So sad! Although personally I DO NOT miss parachute pants, GIANT flourescent geometric shapes on clothes. I read that the 80's will be influencing spring fashion...ugh. Tuxedo tops anyone?