Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Channel three, code word is "Santa's got a brand new bag".

"I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel." -Buddy the elf

I am fairly certain we actually passed through the seven levels of the Tennessee forest, through the sea of swirly twirly car dealers, and had we walked, it would actually have taken less time.
our time in Cary though was fabulous. wonderful. and delicious.
the truck clearly didn't want to leave. (neither did we)

Colin and I were laying in bed last night talking and we both decided that all in all it could have been so much worse.
the truck managed to get "repaired" just enough to get us to Cary before Thanksgiving.
and it got us to a rest stop on the way home, in the snow, before dying.
(it easily could have died in the middle of the highway)
everyone we dealt with was incredibly nice. we had someone buy us lunch, another person offer to loan us their car to take the boys to dinner, the dealer is letting us leave our truck with them until we figure out what to do, and our boys were amazing through it all...
so you know. it all worked out ok.
I would do it all again to see Ev. (and gab and mike)
I'd prefer not to...

I'm sorting through photos now and will post some soon.
in the meantime,
look at what we made...
(these are gabs)
ribbon and paper tree cuteness....
while I like them both,
I think I'm partial to the paper tree, only because I love paper so.
you can't imagine how many times I heard "I think we are going to have to leave these little trees behind" in the course of our trip home.
colin trying to be funny. harharhar....
so. go make some paper trees. and I'll be back in a little bit....


gabbyfek said...

those are my TREEEEEEES.
la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
they make me happy.
they'd make me happier ifin they'd expedited your trip home. but they did not.
i am so sorry.
have i said that a few times yet?
ha. hee. i guess i have.
i loooooooove you.
much more than my trees.

essie said...


those are MY trees!
I love ya'll so very much, and e, Tema Leader and I are convinced that it was G-d all over your life this past week.
in the quiet and still of the time that you were "stranded as a family" you were never really alone.

kisses to the 5 of you!

Amy said...

I want to make some paper trees! I love them! Your family is so creative!!! Thanks for the cute, adorable, sweet baby photos. The kids have been checking everyday to see when you'd post them.
I'm not going to say anything, Sara will get home today and I'm just going to wait for, "She's back!"

sarah said...

yup. totally agree with essie.
God was keeping you safe...

LOVE the paper trees!
what a fun project!