Monday, January 19, 2009

Ballet Arms

so like half the US. I made the cliche new years resolution involving weight loss.
you know the one...
actually I vowed it to be about getting healthy.
about being around a long long time to torment my children,
and my grandchildren.
so I started after Christmas break (2 weeks ago)
actually I started the Tuesday after break, because the boys went to school Monday and then they sent them home after a few hours for fear of rain of the freezing type and that gave me one last excuse to postpone the inevitable.
I mean, come on...15 years wasn't long enough...clearly.
so tuesday was treadmill and tracy anderson's mat routine. wednesday was treadmill and tracy anderson's mat routine.
and me pleading with my arms and butt to please stop hurting. lifting my arms was useless....
and my butt.
oh. dear. my. butt.
but I continued. 2 weeks have gone by.
I can now lift my arms without crying.
I don't however look like gwen yet, which is kind of annoying.
my knees feel great.
which is a small miracle.
(if I lose no weight, this alone would make the workout worth it, for my 3-surgery, no cartilage knee to not ache)

things I now know to be fact:
1. I hate exercise. I will always hate it.
there will never come a time where I will be one of those people that enjoys it.
I like how it makes me feel ...
I just need to constantly remind myself of that.
(like continually, non-stop reminding)

2. I will never be a gym girl.
not since I was young and capable of wearing a spandex unitard* will I find that an environment I will feel comfortable in.
(if there were several friends involved, then possibly...sans the spandex)

3. dieting is dumb.
eat less. move more.

here. in my comfy home. I can wear whatever I want.
random mismatched t.
tracy not being obnoxious by counting and yelling....
telling me I'll have tiny little ballet arms.

this I think I can do.
now. on to week 3....

anyone else working out? eating better? want to join me?!? it's always more fun when you have someone else pushing along with you...

*it was the late 80s. I weighed 100lbs. let's not dwell. no there are no photos. suffice it to say it was hot. I had ballet arms back then....


sarah said...

go e! :)
you'll have ballet arms in no time!

1. i hate exercise too. but after i always feel happy. yay for exercise endorphins :)

2. there is a lady at my gym that wears a spandex unitard. seriously. the kind where you wear tights under it cause it's like a swimsuit. i giggle whenever i see her. and now i'll think of YOU when i see her! ;)

and for the record...
i didn't EVER think i was the gym type. but man, are the people NICE at my gym. plus i have a couple friends that go with me. and the cute flirty gym boy helps too ;)

3. exactly. eat less move more. or at least eat BETTER for you foods. i hate the word 'diet'.

and that is MY email blog comment for you! :)


essie said...

yay you!i bet your a** is loookin fine! :)
and the arms...toning up everyday!!

see...I KNEW i hadn't lost my mind when i made my new years reso to "take care of the momma!!:

i've fallen off the wii wagon-only b/c i've spent the past 10 days writing answers to questions for my admin packet that almost made me cwazy!!

but it's done
and the weekend of exercise was fun
and good
only missing the inhabitants of the treehouse.


jen said...

im doing the same :) for the same reasons, and pretty much the same way. though using the wii fit to move. i have some tae-bo apes in the closet, and yoga botty ballet, i should get those out :)

jen said...

that would be tae-bo TAPES. ha. and yoga BOOTY. oh my.

pakosta said...

I have been working out since Jan 5th. i have to start on a monday! lost 4lbs to date. not much, but it's a start. i want to lose 30lbs total, but yes, getting moving and focusing on healthy food is more of the things i am trying to choose. we have a club/gym in our subdivision and since i have to pay for it monthly, i do use it 6 days a week! we also have weights and an elliptical at home so i try to do that toO! it's so hard! i hate working out too !HATE IT!

Karoline said...

It's not about exercise, it's about being an ATHLETE. When I think of you, I think ATHLETE!

gabbyfek said...

tell me more about these videos
too bad i'm WAY too late on the post-baby one, according to the back of the box!
be back. need to go eat some butter and cream cheese. ;)