Friday, January 23, 2009

The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe...

random friday 10 (sarah style)-
#1-first off. this one. Jack Banana...
since we moved here he has taken to saying "shut-up"
I'm not a fan. I don't expect to be told to shut up by anyone,
much less a seven year old in my own home.
Colin and I have both tried to get it to stop.
lots of time outs. lots.
finally this week the big threat came after he told me to shut up yet again.
(it may have been because I said I would see him at the awards assembly at school later...and that I'd bring my pom poms? I'm not sure...shut-up I know I'm a horrible mom.)
I explained that from now on that phrase would result in being unplugged on the weekend.
(big threat because the boys are only allowed video games on the weekend)
oh the drama.
so all week he's done a pretty good job of catching himself.
lots of "shhhhu..."s.
then came the
"what if I say shut the door and close up? does that count?"
"can I say ...."
"what about...."
"does shud up count?"
"how about..."
yes Jack. they all count.

#2- neighbor drama. I am not accustomed to it.....and am ill equipped as to how to handle it.
ignore it? I'm not sure. grown ups acting like children. interesting.

#3- I love my new cookbook. LOVE it. Katie Lee Joel's
the Comfort Table. delish.

#4- Coley's 10th birthday is next week, officially I will have two in double digits. crazy.
all he has been talking about is going to see Valkyrie. I have no idea if this is even appropriate for him? right up his alley though...he's a huge history/war buff. not sure why he didn't pick Bride Wars? I'm not a huge Tom fan. Katie Kate yes, Tom, not so much.
in true Colten form when asked if he'd like to have a party, he said "no those tend to get out of hand".... ahh, my little old soul.

#5- if you're trying to lose weight, do not make chocolate crock pot cake to see "if it's any good".
it's good.

#6- I had to buy "zit cream stuff" last week for the first time in my life. which makes me wonder...should one be happy they never had zits as a teenager. or should it make one question why they have a zit now in their 30s?!
#7- oh, this kind of goes with 4 I guess. but it's my list. I bought coley a "10" shirt to give him on his birthday morning. and am debating if he'll be excited and wear it? or horrified and not. it's appaman... (I love appaman) but I can see how this may not be well received....

#8- Jack is playing
Upwards basketball right now. great Christian concept, very feel good, everyone is a winner kind of thing... totally makes my older boys cringe. Colten was completely floored by the "no score" concept. "I'll just keep score for Jack myself then"....
AND an 8:30am game tomorrow morning. what is that about? clearly there will be no sleeping in this weekend...

#9- I loved Jon and Kate plus 8 for a long stretch, but now....I'm annoyed by it. they seem far less ....what is the word I'm looking for.....humble maybe? the kids are still darling, but I'm disenchanted...

the Settlers of Catan. whoa. while I fully realize it makes me sound like a dork. (err....a bigger dork than normal) it's a fun game. the littles are getting pretty good at it. it's kind of a strategy type game. anyway. we like it. a lot.

I fell asleep during LOST on wednesday... sometimes it just confuses/frustrates me so much I give up. so I'm going to go work out to LOST now and try and get caught up.
happy weekend!


gabbyfek said...

does that count. hee. i loooooooove it.

as for #2
i'm having a wee bit myself involving the excessive # of recyclables they put in our garbage can and it's making me CRAZY. crazy tree hugger on the loose. look out!

#4. love o. and i think he'd be fine w/ that movie. it's probably better than most of uncle mike's video games, right?!?!

#5-- the one w/ the pudding mix and the choc chips? uh. yeah. mike BEGS me to make that.....

6, 7, and 8 all make me smile.

and i'm disenchanted on #9, too. boo.

can i come play #10 wif you????

ok, that's as long as your post. ha. maybe i need to blog for a change.
i looooooooove you so much. and miss you like crazy.

pakosta said...

NEIGHBOR DRAMA---UGH! i know what that's like.i say just RUN far away from it LOL!

essie said...

holy see.rap!
(that would be crap...heh)
i'm having the friend from college who has lost her everlovin mind drama
it's as bad as neighbor drama
it is
i am SO over it


on mr jacks...
and the up of shut
oh umerika
my stars!

i think the cole needs a ten gift.
get ten cards
get tens,
lots and lots
of tens!
go to town-he'll love the shirt because he loves you

me too!
spider m

sarah said...

nice! well, i think i will reply "e style" :)

1. oh. bad jack banana. telling the momma to shut up is not cool. but telling the jack you're bringing pom poms made me LAUGH.

2. i feel ya. i despise my upstairs neighbors. they are, however, college kids...therefor they ARE children.

3. my mom got that for christmas...i'll have to borrow it.

4. tom? yuck. but i do like kat(i)e.

5. i think i need the recipe for that deliciousness.

6. welcome to my world. wth?

7. i like the shirt myself...although i wouldn't want one with a 33 on it ;)

8. makes me smile...

9. yup. disenchanted too. haven't watched it in weeks actually. CUTE kids, but J+K are getting on my nerves.

10. sounds fun...i love board games!

happy weekend!