Friday, January 16, 2009

The Rest are just Details

the art wall is coming along...still it's a work in progress. it's been fun going through the boy's art/school bins though.
I must say is there really anything better than preschool artwork? I say no....

I did find this gem,
which made me laugh all over again.
Colten's class was studying the presidents I believe.
and he was given a silhouette of George Washington.
they were asked to write something they had learned about the president.
my child wrote this...."I know he died"...
that's what Colten learned. in the end. he died.
just cuts right to the chase.
that's my boy.
I love it.
and thankfully, obviously the teacher did too.

still working on a word for 2009. but I'm leaning toward aspire...
love the idea of having a word to focus on for a year...that Ali Edwards has some good ideas.
now if it doesn't take me the whole year to decide on one it will be a small miracle.

that's all I've got today. I think....wait for it.....
I'm back.
whew. it feels good.
happy friday...enjoy the weekend....
monday I will tell y'all about how tracy anderson is trying to kill me. slowly.
and painfully.


sarah said...

GOOD word.
as in:
'e aspires to move to oregon.'

loves you.

sarah said...

p.s. LOVE the art wall progress!
kid art is the best!

pakosta said...

yay! so glad your blog is bacK! loving your art wall so far> i really need to go back and do some more of their art in their rooms and stuff. i have about 6 in the kitchen on a total art wall and 2 in the hallway, but i NEED more! i want to mix it in with photos of them in their rooms! oh but first i need to hit some thrift shops and garage sales for some cool frames!

essie said...

well, the caqrd of the terehouse made its way to the land of spidermonkey-
holy mess!
we all ;aughed our beheineys off when we read your footnote!
you are waaay too funny my friend

buck stew is as gross as it sounds

move to germany.
be the nike commercial-
just do it.