Monday, January 26, 2009


Esther dear...

You mentioned on Friday that Preston (15) desperately wants a tattoo.
I was amused by this.

I would like to bring to your attention a conversation had Friday evening during dinner.

Me - (finding it oh so amusing) "so Pres wants a tattoo. Es is not so much liking this idea."
Jack - "OH... I want chains"
Me - "wait...what?"
Jack - "yeah, umm...chains around my wrists"
Me - (amusment factor gone) "you want tattoos of chains around your wrists? uh, no"
Jack - "ok, then on my head"
Me - "really no"
Colten - "I'm getting barbed wire on my bicep"
Jack - "Oh, I will get that....on my wrists"
Colten - "and a cross, on my other arm"
Colten - "and I'm getting a 23...maybe on the inside of my arm"
Jack - "me too! on my forehead"

So. please note two things.
1. my not quite ten year old already has clearly had his tattoos planned out for awhile.
2. my seven year should never ever get inked. ever ever ever.

does that story make you feel any better?
because it made me a wee bit nervous...


gabbyfek said...

could NOT love this one more.
holy crap. coley seriously has his tats mapped out.
and jack...
too funny.
i love them.

pakosta said...

how cute are they?!
and do they want the cross, the barbed wire and the 23 cause of Jesus? cause of course i was thinking how cool! LOL! i don't like tats either, but fake ones maybe okay> LOL!

essie said...


you = worried
me = stressed
boylies = winning the battle!!!

um...where did these children come from.
jack's linees made me pee my pants
and coley-o...wellllll did i pick THE perfect gift for him today that now i must go out to get for the jackman too?!

i think so!
we will get tattoos of a spidermonkey swinging off a treehouse!
works for me!

eye love ewe!

Christy said...

Omg, I am seriously rofl!!! Too, too funny! xoxo

Christy said...

P.S. I was "catching up" with your blog and I'm curious how much the Appaman shirt was? Maddie's b-day is in a couple weeks and I just saw that they have a local about 10 min. from my house. ;)