Thursday, January 29, 2009

ice ice baby....

I have had internet for approximately 10minutes now...
it's pretty exciting.
we haven't had internet/cable since tuesday night.
the boys haven't been to school since monday.
we were extremely lucky...
most didn't and still do not have power.
and it's been cold. really really cold.
3000 poles my county alone.
they say some in our state won't have power for weeks.
yes. weeks.
please say a prayer that power will be restored soon.

I made dinner.
but Colin just got home and offered to take us out...
we will not pass up that offer...
I haven't left the house since sunday.
sunday. I am not kidding.
dinner can go in the fridge...
for tomorrow.
maybe I'll even have a better blog post then as well....


sarah said...

oh wow.
i had no idea it was THAT bad there.
yikes. that's some ice storm.
so thankful you've got power...
and i'll say a prayer for those without. man, that's a long (and COLD) time to be without.

yay for a dinner out! FUN.

p.s. thanks. now vanilla ice is in my head. lovely. ;)

Shaun said...

I am so happy to hear that you are all okay!! I read in the paper this morning how bad it is there and was going to send you an email and then I slept all day.
You and your state are in my prayers.
Keep us posted.

Christy said...

Eeeeeeekk, I didn't realize it was so bad over there! That is SO not fun! Glad you're back up and running. You guys are in my thoughts and my prayers. Take good care!

gabbyfek said...

you are back-ish.
i missed you so much.
saying lots of prayers.
i love you oh so mucho.
are you glad to not just be playing board games anymore?!?!?!

ha. my word verification is psych. that's making me laugh. hard. clearly i need a weekend. xoxoxox.

pakosta said...

that is awfuL! where are you again?! my brother is in Kentucky and had to go to a hotel cause of having zero power! that just SUCKS! i hope it's better soON! take care!

essie said...

honey girl...
big warm, power generating prayers and thoughts!